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Al-Shabab announce ban on internet in Somalia

The rebel group said anyone who doesn't comply will be "considered to be working with the enemy and they will be dealt with in accordance Sharia law"

Index Index – International free speech round up 13/02/13

Index Index - International free speech round up 13/02/13

Somalia: journalist killed

A journalist from Radio Shabelle has been murdered in Somalia. Ahmed Ado Anshur was shot dead on his way home from work in Mogadishu yesterday. The young journalist was the host of a popular radio programme Qubanaha Wararka, and was renowned for his outspoken views on the political situation. He was shot several times in the head and chest […]

Somali journalist slain by unidentified gunmen

Somali journalist Farhan Jeemis Abdulle was reportedly murdered by two unidentified men on Wednesday evening in Puntland. According to colleagues of the journalist, he received threats from an anonymous caller days before he was shot and killed on his way home from work. His colleagues allege that the local militant Islamic group Al-Shabab killed him […]

Somaliland: Journalists detained without charge

Two journalists have been detained without charge for over a week. Somaliland authorities arrested Ahmed Ali Farah, a reporter for Royal TV, in the disputed northwest town of Las Anod, in the Sool region, on 31 March. Three days later fellow television reporter Abdisaman Isse was arrested while visiting Farah in prison. Somaliland law forbids […]

Somalia: Fourth journalist killed since year began

Unidentified gunmen have brutally murdered a Somalian radio journalist. Mahad Salad Aden, a well known and well respected journalist for Shabelle Media Network, was murdered on 5 April at around 5.30pm by a group of masked men. This attack is the fourth of its kind against journalists affiliated with the Shabelle Media Network, and Adan is the fourth journalist […]

Somalia: Journalist shot dead in Galkayo

A Somalian journalist has been shot dead by gunmen. Ali Ahmed Abdi who worked for a Somali news website was shot in the head several times by masked men as he walked home on Sunday evening in the northern town of Galkayo. Until recently, Abdi had been working for the privately owned Galkayo Radio. Abdi is the third […]

Somalia: Radio journalist murdered

A radio journalist has been shot dead by two unidentified men in Somalia. Abukar Hassan Mohamoud, nicknamed Kadaf,  was the manager of Mogadishu-based radio Somaliweyn. Mohamoud was shot five times in the head and chest at his home in Mogadishu on 28 February. Mohamoud, who had been trying to relaunch the radio station which had been shut down by an extremist […]

Somalia: Media network director gunned down outside home

The director of a media group has become the first journalist to be killed in Somalia in 2012. Shabelle Media Network director Hassan Osman Abdi was shot outside his home in Mogadishu at 6.30pm on Saturday. Five gunmen shot the father of three in the head and chest as he returned from work. The shooting is believed […]

Somalia: TV station raided, journalists detained

21 journalists were detained by security forces in Somalia over the weekend, following demonstrations against ongoing media crackdowns. Police stormed the main headquarters of HornCable TV and two production studios of the television network, in the capital town Hargeisa on Saturday. The following day, at a peaceful protest organised by the journalists, the presidential guard attacked protesters, […]

Somalia: Journalist killed by man in soldier uniform

A Somali journalist was shot dead by a man wearing a government soldier’s uniform on Sunday in Mogadishu. Abdisalan Sheikh Hasan from Horn Cable TV channel was shot after a government soldier in uniform with an AK47 ordered Hasan and his colleague Zakariye Abdulahi  to stop their car. Abdulahi said that without any further questions, the soldier opened fire on […]

Somalia: Journalists arrested in clampdown

Two journalists have been arrested in Somalia after police refused to accept their press cards. Salad Tifow Hassan and Qadar Hussein Ahmed from privately-owned Radio Banadir were arrested by patrolling police officers who were patrolling in Mogadishu, and accused them of committing a security breach. Presenter Hassan and producer Ahmed were released on Sunday, with no explanation given […]