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EU must stand up for independent media in Hungary

alt informationOne of Hungary's last and biggest independent media outlets,, has recently seen its editor fired in another worrying attack on media freedom. The EU must speak up

Quiz: How well do you know your privacy facts?

alt informationHow much do you actually know about tracking apps after months of reading about them? Take our quiz and see

150 attacks on media freedom reported in 50 days

alt informationIn the 50 days since Index started tracking incidents where journalists have been attacked or stopped from reporting on Covid-19, we have reported on more than 150 incidents

Viktor Orbán’s power grab leaves Hungary without true democracy

alt informationIn the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, Hungary’s prime minister Viktor Orbán has pushed through emergency laws that have no time limit and enormous potential to limit media freedom

Panel explore how macho male leaders stifle dissent

alt informationFrom Russia to Saudi Arabia, the current crop of macho male leaders are stifling dissent in a variety of ways, argue panellists at the Index on Censorship winter magazine launch


alt informationThe summer 2019 Index on Censorship magazine looks at what happens when the independence of the justice system is gone?

Is press freedom going to be an issue in the next European election?

alt informationResponding to violations of media freedom in Hungary has become a conundrum for the EU. With populist parties poised for large gains in the next European election, Sally Gimson explores what the EU could do to uphold free speech in member countries

Doing their masters’ bidding: Media smear campaigns in central and eastern Europe

alt informationUnpatriotic behaviour. Sedition. Being in the pay of shadowy external forces. Faking a neo-Nazi event. These are just a few of the charges that have recently been levelled against independent journalists by pro-government media outlets in several central and eastern European countries.

Hungary’s deteriorating press and media freedom

alt informationThe undersigned media freedom organisations are writing to draw your attention to the deteriorating situation of press and media freedom in Hungary, in particular the recent case of Hir TV

Censorship gone viral: The cross-fertilisation of repression

alt informationCensorship has cross-fertilised and gone viral infecting both democracies and their authoritarian counterparts.  

Hungary: a “samizdat” movement brings independent news to the people

alt informationIn Hungary’s rural areas, access to news critical of those in power is a rare thing. Now a small group has set out to challenge the information monopoly of the government by distributing an independent weekly