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Julia Farrington: Pre-emptive censorship by the police is a clear infringement of civil liberties

alt informationIn 1972, Michael Scammell, first editor of Index on Censorship magazine wrote in the first edition - “Freedom of expression is not self-perpetuating, but needs to be maintained by the constant vigilance of those who care about it.” We obviously haven’t been very vigilant here in the UK

Should religious or cultural sensibilities ever limit free expression?

alt informationFrom the Magazine: Writer and broadcaster Kenan Malik and art historian and educator Nada Shabout on one of the art world's most contentious debates

Behzti is no longer taboo

An unpublicised reading of the cancelled Sikh play proved excuses for its continued censorship have been demolished argues Robert Sharp

Theatre: From Behud to Behzti

Julia Farrington: From Behud to Behzti

PAST EVENT: From Behzti to Behud

From Behzti to Behud: April 10 2010, Belgrade Theatre, Coventry