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Jodie Ginsberg: “We need a free, vibrant, independent and troublesome media” (Sky News, 9 May 2018)

alt informationIndex on Censorship CEO Jodie Ginsberg debated Evan Harris on Sky News on 9 May ahead of the UK’s House of Commons vote on amendments to the Data Protection Bill

Libel reform is no joke

Comics Dara Ó Briain and Dave Gorman and scientist Professor Brian Cox joined Index and the Libel Reform Campaign at Downing Street to demand a public interest defence in the defamation bill

Blair memoirs censorship row

Emily Butselaar: Blair memoirs censorship row

Libel Reform Hustings poll – the results

Which party impressed our voters with its commitment to free expression?

Nick Clegg comes out in support of the Libel Reform campaign

Nick Clegg praises the Libel Reform Campaign

Seditious libel law is a travesty of justice

The UK government’s retention of this archaic legislation only serves to justify oppression in other countries, writes Evan Harris

Moyles and homophobia

Interesting article by Zoe Williams in the Guardian today on Ofcom’s censuring of DJ Chris Moyles for negative gay stereotyping of singer Will Young on the BBC Radio 1 breakfast show. ‘…banning offensive words here and there is pointless. Trying to persuade children, or Moyles, that using “gay” as an insult is unacceptable will just […]