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Salil Tripathi: As Singapore turns 50, is it on the cusp of becoming different?

alt informationAs the Asian city-state marks its 50th anniversary of independence, Salil Tripathi examines the country's fuzzy relationship with free expression

India: How to silence a nation

Legal proceedings have been filed against the four authors that read aloud from Salman Rushdie's The Satanic verses.
Salil Tripathi explains how outdated Colonial-era legislation is being used to curtail free expression.

India must choose to defend free speech

As religious figureheads call to ban Salman Rushdie from a prestigious literature festival in India, Salil Tripathi reports on the country's "sepulchral silence"
UPDATE: Salman Rushdie pulls out of Indian festival amid assassination fears

MF Husain: Farewell to a nation’s chronicler

For almost 20 years, artist MF Husain was threatened and his work abused. Salil Tripathi says goodbye to a controversial and spell-binding master

Pakistan: The death of free speech

Pakistan's blasphemy laws have long been a tool of political intimidation, says Salil Tripathi

Shocking America

As funders threaten to punish the US gallery that censorsed the first major US exhibition of gay art, Salil Tripathi looks at the fallout of America's culture wars

India’s culture of grievance

The legal system forces once proud newspapers to grovel when faced with pressure from religious groups, says Salil Tripathi