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New play gives a voice to the forgotten Crimean Tatars

alt informationThe powerful work tells the stories of indigenous Tatar dissidents and their families on the Russian-occupied peninsula

الصحافة في المنفى: أوزبكستان تواصل حظرها على حامد إسماعيلوف

alt informationالصحفي اليمني عبد العزيز محمد الصبري يشرح مخاطر العمل الصحفي في بلده. أجرت المقابلة لورا سيلفيا باتاجليا

Journalism in Exile: Uzbekistan continues its bar on Hamid Ismailov

alt informationHamid Ismailov is an Uzbek journalist and writer who was forced to flee Uzbekistan in 1992 due to what the state dubbed "unacceptable democratic tendencies".

Interpol: The abuse of red notices is bad news for critical journalists

alt informationRed notices are a tool of political abuse by oppressive regimes such as Turkey, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan, with five journalists targetted since August

Index urges Ukraine to not extradite journalist to Uzbekistan

alt informationOn 20 September authorities detained Narzullo Okhunjonov when he arrived at an international airport in Kyiv, Ukraine, following an Interpol red notice

Index urges Russian government to halt deportation of Uzbek journalist

alt informationJournalist Khudoberdi Nurmatov, who works for independent Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta, is set to be deported back to Uzbekistan, where it is feared he will be tortured.

Mamadali Makhmudov: Writing the truth, only truth

alt informationArrested twice and imprisoned for 14 years, writer Mamadali Makhmudov was released in 2013 after an international outcry. He continues to be blacklisted and his works are silenced.

Worst countries for restrictions on religious freedom

alt informationSome of the worst countries for religious freedom are Burma, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, China, Eritrea, Iran

13 governments that are definitely not jailing people over free speech

alt informationJust look at these definitely-not-free-speech-related charges journalists and activists and human rights lawyers and pro democracy campaigners face

Uzbekistan: Dissident photographer “ruining the constitution”

alt informationRenowned photographer and documentary filmmaker Umida Akhmedova tells Milana Knezevic about her latest run-in with Uzbekistan's repressive authorities

What does state press control look like?

In light of the UK's Royal Charter on newspaper regulation, we look at 10 countries where the government has a hand in controlling the press