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Letter to US Attorney General on Julian Assange

alt informationIndex joins other organisations in expressing concern over extradition proceedings against Wikileaks founder

Assange hearing outcome could set an “alarming precedent” for free speech

alt informationThe UK Assange hearing – which will decide whether there are grounds for Assange to stand trial in the USA – should reach a conclusion on 4 January. The verdict will have major ramifications for free speech and media freedom. We speak to Assange's partner about it

#IndexAwards2008: Wikileaks, Economist New Media Award

alt informationJulian Assange and Wikileaks have made a huge global impact since winning an Index on Censorship Freedom of Expression Award in 2008.

Mapping Media Freedom: A disastrous week for Turkish journalism

alt informationTurkey has seen an increase in violations against media workers, with journalists murdered, held hostage, arrested and physically attacked, as well as having equipment confiscated

Children of the internet: Free speech in the digital age

alt informationThere is a generation growing up today with unprecedented knowledge and power at their immediate and constant disposal, and they are politically and socially empowered in ways that are not yet clearly understood, writes Nishith Hegde

“If you read, write, publish, think, listen, dance, sing or invent, the TPP has you in its crosshairs”

alt informationWith secret trade negotiations reportedly at a critical stage, campaigners have mounted a global plan to draw the attention to the role that internet providers would play in preventing the free flow of information. Alastair Sloan reports

United States: Free expression constrained by cultural and political factors

alt informationFreedom of expression is generally protected in the US, but political, legal, economic and cultural factors continue to constrain this fundamental right.

Fine words on open government don’t match actions

From America to Azerbaijan, leaders have pledged themselves to a new era of openness and transparency. So why are whistleblowers and journalists still punished, asks Mike Harris

Ecuador’s new media regulations stoke controversy

Proposed laws will not calm President Correa's stormy relationship with the press, says Padraig Reidy

Manning Wikileaks trial begins today

alt informationThe trial of Bradley Manning, the US Army private who leaked thousands of documents to Wikileaks, is set to begin today at the Fort Meade military base, Maryland.

Getting copyright right

"Digital" means copying. Attempts to defend copyright the old-fashioned way could have unforeseen consequences for the web, says Joe McNamee This article was originally published on Open Democracy, as a part of a week-long series on the future digital freedom guest-edited by Index

Obama’s free speech record

As Barack Obama gets ready to rally his troops at the Democratic National Convention, Mark Rumold says his administration has cast free speech aside in its pursuit of file sharers and whistleblowers