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Call for investigation into historical police handling of Norwegian publisher’s attempted murder

alt informationCase is believed to be linked to the publication of The Satanic Verses in the country

Far right steps up anti-media campaign ahead of Swedish election

alt informationSweden baked in record temperatures this summer, matched only by the increasingly heated political climate as it gears up for an unprecedentedly bitter and divisive general election

Denmark: Cuts to funding threaten the future of DR’s public service journalism

alt informationKnown across Europe for its journalistic quality and as an exporter of hit political dramas, Danish state broadcaster DR will be forced to make unprecedented layoffs in what some are calling an act of “revenge” by the government

Sweden: Mainstream populism has emboldened extremist opponents of the press

alt informationSweden's journalists are coming under increasing pressure from fringe groups in the country.

In the “safe” world of Swedish journalism, death threats are an everyday reality

alt informationA spectre that has haunted Swedish journalism for decades is anti-democratic extremism, a phenomenon given new impetus by the rise of mainstream nationalist politics