New law could force Ugandans to love their country

alt informationThe soon to be tabled Patriotism Bill would require every Ugandan to, among other things, support all government development programs and defend national property. Edward Ronald Sekyewa reports

Ugandan government demands free radio and TV time

alt informationOne a week, at least one prime time hour is to be made available for government agents, ministries and other state entities to explain government programs and policies to the public. Edward Ronald Sekyewa reports

Uganda: Petitioners take anti-gay law to constitutional court

alt informationGroup including MP and former leader of the opposition want the Anti Homosexuality Act 2014 repealed for being in violation of the constitution. Edward Ronald Sekyewa reports

Uganda: Anti-porn law to be reviewed after attacks on women

alt informationWomen wearing short skirts have faced attacks due to muddled legislation, writes Edward Ronald Sekyewa

The fallout from Uganda’s anti-gay law has already begun

alt informationAmid threats of foreign aid cuts, there are claims within Uganda that the law is just a part of President Museveni's political game, writes Edward Ronald Sekyewa

Uganda’s shocking record on gay rights

alt informationThe government's stance on homosexuality is considered among the harshest in the world, Edward Ronald Sekyewa writes

Uganda: Journalists intimidated as political crisis grips Kampala

alt informationAs the Ugandan government moves to impeach the lord mayor of the capital, journalists are being threatened for reporting on the process. Edward Ronald Sekyewa reports

Uganda: Internet under regime control

alt informationInternet access is on the rise, but digital freedom is stifled by regime restrictions. Edward Ronald Sekyewa reports

Censorship, pay offs and deportation: Artistic freedom in Uganda

alt informationWith a long history of combating official censorship, artists have a large role in Ugandan society, writes Edward Ronald Sekyewa

Uganda’s government continues to target media

alt informationAccording to an article published yesterday in Uganda's New Vision, the country leads its region in press freedom. Here's a more accurate picture on the state of the press in Uganda. Edward Ronald Sekyewa reports