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#IndexAwards2016: Ferit Tunç uses inventive methods to challenge censorship in Turkey

alt informationTurkish journalist Ferit Tunç quit his advertising job in 2013 to found the newspaper Yön Gazetesi, covering the Kurdish Batman province of Turkey

#IndexAwards2016: Pravit Rojanaphruk has been targeted for speaking against Thailand’s military rule

alt informationOn social media Thai journalist Pravit Rojanaphruk’s amused disobedience to his military-assigned “attitude adjusters” serves to make them look outdated and slightly ridiculous

#IndexAwards2016: Hamid Mir has been targeted for taking on unchallenged power

Since becoming a journalist almost 30 years ago, Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir has had to choose between his life and his career

#IndexAwards2016: Mada Masr offers an alternative narrative to Egypt’s official media

alt informationMada Masr is an Egyptian online news site formed just before the military coup in July 2013 by 24 friends and journalists

#IndexAwards2016: Zaina Erhaim trains Syrian women to report on the war

alt informationA Syrian-native who was studying journalism in London when war broke out in Syria in 2013, Zaina Erhaim decided to return permanently to report and train citizen journalists in the war-ravaged country

#IndexAwards2016: Méxicoleaks seeks to bring more transparency to Mexico

alt informationMéxicoleaks was launched in 2015 as a platform for people to anonymously share information leaks about anything in the public interest, including corruption, government spending and abuse

#IndexAwards2016: Hebib Muntezir mobilises social media to share uncensored news about Azerbaijan

alt informationHebib Müntezir is an Azerbaijani blogger and social media manager of the non-profit Meydan TV

#IndexAwards2016: Love Matters opens up conversations about sexual health

alt informationLove Matters is an international multimedia platform that encourages young people to discuss love, sex and relationships

#IndexAwards2016: GreatFire campaigns for transparency of China’s censorship

alt informationGreatFire was set up in 2011 by three anonymous individuals to counter the “Great Firewall of China”, the systematic blocking by the Chinese government of any website deemed controversial

#IndexAwards2016: Gökhan Biçici launched citizen news agency Dokuz8Haber after Gezi Park protests

alt informationGökhan Biçici is a Turkish reporter and was one of the most active reporters of the 2013 anti-government Gezi Park protests in Istanbul

#IndexAwards2016: Nkosilathi Emmanuel Moyo campaigns against political corruption

alt informationBorn in 1987, the same year Mugabe became president, Moyo was political from a young age

#IndexAwards2016: Pu Zhiqiang is unwavering in support of free speech

alt informationOne of China’s leading human rights lawyers and free speech campaigners, Pu Zhiqiang is known particularly for his way with words