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Student reading list: Art and protest

alt informationArt has been used as a form of protest during times of crisis throughout history. It is a popular and, at times, effective platform to express opinions about societal problems

NetBlocks tool tracks cost of internet shutdowns

alt information“Internet shutdowns are increasingly used by governments to control the flow of information, particularly around elections or political unrest.”

Artist in Exile: Eddy Munyaneza driven to become the man behind the camera

alt informationEddy Munyaneza is an award-winning filmmaker who was forced into exile when he created documentaries about Burundi's president Pierre Nkurunziza, who was running for a third term and the political crisis that followed.

Julia Farrington: “Art doesn’t divide society, it reveals division”

alt informationRights, Risks & Reputations is a training programme developed by Index, What Next? and Cause4 to help art and cultural leaders understand and challenge a risk-averse culture and incorporate these topics within their organisations.

Send a letter to imprisoned Azerbaijani journalist Seymur Hezi

alt informationThe editors of the Index on Censorship Freedom of Expression Award-winning newspaper Azadliq have launched a letter-writing campaign to journalist Seymur Hezi, who is in prison.

Noel Coward’s censored plays brought to life at British Library

alt informationMarking the 50th year anniversary of the end of UK theatre censorship ushered in by the Theatres Act of 1968, Index on Censorship hosted The Lord Chamberlain Regrets - Theatre and Censorship workshop looking at Noel Coward's controversial plays.