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Laos: Crony scheme in control of press and civil society

alt informationPeople forget, as they rarely do with Vietnam or China, that Laos is still a communist state with complete control over the press and civil society. Helen Clark reports

Australia: Prime minister’s department cracks down on civil servant criticism

alt informationUnder new guidelines, Australian civil servants working for the prime ministers's office caught criticising the government can be sanctioned for illicit social media use, Helen Clark reports

Australia debates repeal of parts of racial discrimination act

alt informationRecent moves to repeal sections of Australia's Racial Discrimination Act have sparked public debate and anger on both sides of the political divide, Helen Clark reports

Internet repression in Vietnam continues as 30-month prison sentence for blogger is upheld

The case of Le Quoc Quan is just the latest move in the Vietnamese authorities' ongoing attack on dissent, free speech, free press and a free internet. Helen Clark reports

Australia’s “Auntie” pummelled over Indonesia coverage

alt informationThe Australian Broadcasting Corporation has been called unAustralian by prime minister Tony Abbott, who has also called for a review of its funding. Helen Clark reports

Radio prank expands Australia’s broadcasting authority remit

alt informationA radio prank that lead to tragic consequences may end up expanding Australia's broadcast authority's powers. Helen Clark reports

Inept or clever? Vietnam’s censors keep everyone guessing

alt informationVietnam's government keeps cultural activities from web comics to concerts under its watchful eye, for sex as much as sedition. Helen Clark reports

From Assange to Murdoch: Australia’s free speech landscape

alt informationAs Australians go to the polls, how does their country shape up on free expression? Helen Clark reports

Vietnam’s dysfunctional relationship with the web

alt informationDecree 72, due to come into force September 1, has caused friction as it essentially prohibits people from posting links to news stories, or sections of news articles, on social media sites such as Facebook or the equally popular, locally produced Zing Me, Helen Clark writes