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Has the Snowden scandal damaged the west’s bargaining power?

As the G20 conference approaches, who will defend free speech, asks Kirsty Hughes

Egypt’s spring turns to winter

alt informationAs the numbers steadily mount of those killed by the Egyptian military and police in yesterday’s attacks on Muslim Brotherhood camps, the prospects for Egypt’s ‘Arab spring’ are looking bleak, Kirsty Hughes says

The Military and democracy – Turkey and Egypt both getting it wrong

alt informationWhile Turkey this week jailed its former Chief of Staff, General Ilker Basbug, in Egypt, General Sisi’s popularity is still riding high following the army’s ousting of President Morsi. Kirsty Hughes writes

Mass surveillance or just Big Data?

States, and companies, collecting huge amounts of data on people and populations around the world. Is this a mass surveillance nightmare – the digital Stasi roaming free – or just big data and we should get over it? Kirsty Hughes writes

Europe divided over mass surveillance?

alt informationIs there enough common ground between German, UK or even Russian politicians to push for real changes in US (and UK and French) snooping? Kirsty Hughes writes

Global view: Who has freedom of expression?

alt informationFrom the Magazine: Freedom of expression is a universal, fundamental human right. But who actually has access to free expression? Index CEO Kirsty Hughes looks at the evidence.

The multipolar challenge to free expression

alt informationFrom the Magazine: As emerging markets command influence on the international stage, Saul Estrin and Kirsty Hughes look at the impact on economics, politics and human rights

Turkey losing its way on free speech

The protests erupting across Turkey have shown a wider audience – domestic and international – the increasingly problematic nature of Turkish democracy, and its growing authoritarian tendencies. Index on Censorship CEO Kirsty Hughes writes

Stockholm Internet Forum: Balancing rights and security

alt informationDoes surveillance and monitoring chill free expression? Is population-wide mass surveillance always a bad idea? Amongst many questions and debates at today's Stockholm Internet Forum, the answers to these two questions are surely obvious - yes to both, writes Index on Censorship CEO Kirsty Hughes from Sweden.

World Press Freedom Day: Is the European Union faltering on media freedom?

alt informationIndex on Censorship CEO Kirsty Hughes writes that there is cause for deep concern that the EU is failing to protect press freedom, a core element of democracies.

Global view

alt informationIndex CEO Kirsty Hughes looks at the current climate for free speech around the world, from press regulation in the UK to ongoing challenges to digital freedom

“Human rights are not an impediment to effective policing”

Index on Censorship's Kirsty Hughes talks to Sir Hugh Orde, one of the UK's most senior police officers, about protest, public order and politics