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Turkey’s thought-provoking playwrights, actors and directors have little choice but to become exiles

alt informationFor Turkish director and actor Memet Ali Alabora, theatre is about creating an environment in which the audience is encouraged to think, react and reflect

Egyptian activist Amal Fathy’s pre-trial detention extended by 15 days

alt informationFathy has been in pre-trial detention since her arrested after publishing a video criticising sexual harassment in Egypt, during which time she has shown symptoms of acute stress and has been unable to walk unassisted

Work of the Kurdish and Turkish diaspora essential to strengthen Turkey’s democratic opposition, exiled academic says

alt informationNaif Bezwan cannot pinpoint a certain moment in his life in which he decided to pursue academia. For Bezwan, rather, it has been a gradual process of situating his personal narrative within the context of his Kurdish community, within Turkey and within the world.

Challenging authority: Shakespeare and radical theatre today

alt information“When you hold the mirror up to nature and up to a totalitarian regime, it recognises it and attempts to stamp it out”

Nadine Strossen: Humane speech is the best way to lead people away from hate

alt information“The only effective and durable way to resist racism and discrimination is through speech and other non-censorial measures”