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Chad: Return to democracy still seems a distant prospect

alt informationA reconciliation dialogue promised after the death last April of the central African country's president is in turmoil

Belarus: the free press continues despite attacks

alt informationThe chair of the Belarusian Association of Journalists says reporting is harder than ever because of government crackdowns and war in neighbouring Ukraine

Syria passes draconian cybercrime laws

alt informationCountry is latest to criminalise vaguely defined fake news to target human rights activists and journalists

Attacks on journalists covering protests increase says new report

alt informationThe latest annual report from the Council of Europe safety of journalists platform makes for worrying reading on media freedom

Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter – good for free speech?

alt informationThe tech entrepreneur has made it clear that free speech is at the forefront of his decision to buy the social media platform. We explore just what this means

Ukrainian reporter forced to film propaganda video before release

alt informationVictoria Roshchina, who works for independent media channel hromadske, had to deny she was being held captive

Ukrainian news reporter detained by Russia’s FSB

alt informationThe whereabouts of Victoria Roschina, who works for independent news channel hromadske, is unknown after her detention

Does Russia’s war have popular support? Navalny says not

alt informationSome 14,000 people, including children, have been detained for protesting the war. Putin's pollsters say Russians support it

Will athletes risk the wrath of Beijing to stand up for human rights?

alt informationThe Olympic Games have a history of protest, but China is going out of its way to stop that. With growing concern over the Uyghurs and Hong Kong we look at how likely they are to win

Turkish-Armenian academic faces deportation from Greece over controversial views

alt informationSevan Nişanyan believes he has been added to the country's "list of undesirable foreigners" as a result of his controversial research

Richard Ratcliffe: The UK Government needs to look long and hard at its hostage policy

alt informationThe husband of jailed British-Iranian charity worker Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe talks about the reasons for his hunger strike as it enters its 16th day

Daniel Ellsberg: The original whistleblower

alt informationThe man who leaked the Pentagon Papers, which revealed the extent of US involvement in Vietnam during five presidencies , speaks to Index