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Daniel Ellsberg: The original whistleblower

alt informationThe man who leaked the Pentagon Papers, which revealed the extent of US involvement in Vietnam during five presidencies , speaks to Index

Myanmar keeps it poets locked up despite prisoner release

alt informationMaung Yu Py, a well known name in Burmese poetry circles, remains in Myeik prison despite the release of 2,300 anti-coup protestors

Pentagon Papers: Daniel Ellsberg speaks 50 years on

alt informationIt is five decades since a government whistleblower leaked a 7,000-page report into US involvement in Vietnam

Navalny writes from his penal colony: “Books are our everything”

alt informationThe jailed critic and opponent of Putin is sending messages via Instagram, detailing his ill-treatment

Heberto Padillo’s ‘confession’ 50 years on

alt informationAs Cuba once again cracks down on artists and intellectuals, twenty have joined together with artist Coco Fusco to recreate the Cuban poet's act of public penance

Xinjiang: “I have no regrets on speaking out”

alt informationNewcastle University academic Dr Joanne Smith Finley believes that China has lost “an erstwhile ally” in sanctioning her

Peter Calvocoressi

The historian and wartime codebreaker was one of the four original trustees of the charity behind Index on Censorship

Daphne Caruana Galizia: a small step towards justice

alt informationVincent Muscat's guilty plea has led to charges against others in the case of the murder of the Maltese investigative journalist

Index calls for the release of Andrei Aliaksandrau

alt informationFormer Index writer has been arrested and forced to give a confession for his part in protests

Ruhollah Zam: 27 July 1978 – 12 December 2020

alt informationThe founder of the Amadnews channel, a critic of the Iranian government, has been executed for 'spreading corruption on Earth'

What the Fuck!? podcast new episode: Punk poet Penny Rimbaud

alt informationThe founder of punk anarchists Crass speaks about Donald Trump, the repressed British and his new album Arthur Rimbaud in Verdun

“His only crime is to believe that Egyptians deserve the most basic of human rights”

alt informationKarim Ennarah, EIPR's criminal justice unit director, is facing fabricated charges of joining a terrorist group and spreading fake news