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In Turkey, dismissed academics nurture knowledge off campus

alt informationProfessors in Mersin and Eskişehir have responded to their dismissals by creating their own spaces for sharing knowledge: Kültürhane and Eskişehir School

Turkey: Whitewashing the police, one sentence at a time

alt informationReporter Seda Taşkın, who works for the pro-Kurdish Mezopotamya News Agency, was sentenced to a total of 7.5 years in prison after a court in Turkey turned a blind eye to the police and the prosecutor’s dubious use of the law.

Cumhuriyet: A press freedom case degenerates into a boardroom takeover

alt informationCumhuriyet’s administration abruptly changed after a court ruling early September. Around 30 journalists and writers (some of whom had been in jail) were either dismissed or resigned in protest of the way the new board took over the newspaper.

Курдские журналистки открывают новый способ репортажа

alt informationКурдские женщины на «Жин ньюз» (Jin News), единственном феминистском новостном веб-сайте в Турции и других странах, используют новый подход к журналистике. Это Турция, поэтому они не избежали преследований: многие были задержаны, предстали перед судом или им угрожали.

Turkey: Kurds in Mus “working behind the adversary’s lines while still living in their hometown”

alt informationThe story of jailed Kurdish reporter İdris Sayılgan is intertwined with the history of a village haunted by the ghosts of the dirty war of the 1990s and the Armenian Genocide

Turkey: Journalist Seda Taskın’s trial shines light on massive irregularities

alt informationMezopotamya Agency reporter Seda Taskın is standing trial in a case that has been marred by serious flaws, including ill-treatment

صحفيات كردية رائدات تبتكر طريقة جديدة للتغطية الصحفية

alt informationالصحفي اليمني عبد العزيز محمد الصبري يشرح مخاطر العمل الصحفي في بلده. أجرت المقابلة لورا سيلفيا باتاجليا

Kurdish women journalists pioneering a new way of reporting

alt informationKurdish women at Turkey’s only feminist news website, Jin News, and elsewhere are taking a new approach to journalism. This being Turkey, they haven’t escaped pressure: Many have been detained, put on trial or threatened.

Two journalists face up to 45 years for ‘espionage’

alt informationTwo journalists for the shuttered pro-Kurdish Dihaber agency are facing up to 45 years in prison on terror and espionage charges even though their reporting is the only evidence that has been presented by prosecutors.

KCK press trial: “The template for all Turkey’s media trials”

alt informationOnce the biggest media trial in Turkey, the KCK press trial hardly makes the news today, even though it set a grim precedent for the criminalisation of journalistic activities in the country

Kurdish reporter sentenced to more than 8 years

alt informationKurdish reporter Nedim Türfent has been sentenced to 8 years and 9 months in prison on charges of “membership of a terrorist organisation.”