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Worst countries for restrictions on religious freedom

alt informationSome of the worst countries for religious freedom are Burma, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, China, Eritrea, Iran

Parental advisory: revisiting the filthiest songs from Tipper Gore’s hotlist

alt informationIn the late 1980s, US author and activist Mary Elizabeth “Tipper” Gore claimed, in an interview with the Los Angeles Times, that she was not a “raunchy, inflexible prude”.

Music in Exile: recent cases of censorship

alt informationIt's hard for many of us to imagine, but all around the world, people are being intimidated out of playing music

Taiwan: An interview with politician and heavy metal frontman Freddy Lim on music and censorship

alt informationLim recently won a seat in parliament representing the New Power Party and defeating Chinese Nationalist Party member Lin Yu-fang, who had held his seat for 20 years.

Pirate radio playlist

alt informationOne of the UK’s most interesting historical legacies in music does not involve the actual bands that made up the British Invasion, but rather the people who played these band’s records illegally.

Underground music around the world playlist

alt informationIn some countries, there have been flourishing underground music scenes sprouting up in the last few years, despite a continuing trend of censorship of the arts and governmental suppression

Fight the power: Protest in hip-hop playlist

alt informationBeyoncé has joined an array of artists using their music to bring light to injustices black Americans have faced throughout the history of the US.

Freedom of expression awards playlist

alt informationAs the annual Index on Censorship Freedom of Expression Awards gala approaches, we've highlighted some of the musical talent of previous

Censorship on campus playlist

alt informationMusic can unite, divide, incite and even disgust people from all cultures, age groups and backgrounds. As increasing numbers of academic textbooks

Azerbaijan: Journalist Seymur Hezi marks one year in prison

alt informationOn the anniversary of Azerbaijani journalist Seymur Hezi’s sentencing to five years imprisonment for “aggravated hooliganism,” the country

Donald Trump may be allowed to enter the UK, but let’s remember Tyler, the Creator wasn’t so lucky

alt informationOn 26 August 2015, the musician was banned from entering the UK because of words he had penned for songs released in 2009