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alt informationLa tecnología de fácil manejo está ayudando a los periodistas africanos en sus investigaciones, incluso con presupuestos limitados, informa Raymond Joseph

Raymond Joseph: South Africa’s Cybercrimes and Cybersecurity Bill is deeply flawed

alt informationWith the new year comes a new battle in South Africa as critics hit back at the proposed “draconian” Cybercrimes and Cybersecurity Bill they say doesn’t differentiate “between espionage and an act of journalism”.

Ray Joseph: South Africans voice anger at country’s media environment

alt informationThe media does not care about us, they never report things relevant to us and papers are only interested if there is bad news

Raymond Joseph: Activism reawakens in South Africa’s students

alt informationSouth Africa has been witnessing a reawakening of activism among students after a hiatus of almost two decades. For a week, campuses across the country embarked on the biggest nationwide student protests since the birth of the new democratic society in 1994.

Raymond Joseph: South Africa in danger of losing hard-earned freedoms

alt informationSouth Africa's government is seeking to adapt the country's post-Apartheid Film and Publications Act of 1996 for the 21st century. Raymond Joseph explores the impact on freedom of expression.

Raymond Joseph: South Africa’s camera-shy police target journalists

alt informationDespite high-level meetings between media and the police’s top brass, who say that such actions are not condoned, incidents of journalist harassment continue to occur

From drones to floating smartphones: how technology is helping African journalists investigate

alt informationData journalist Raymond Joseph reports on how low-cost technology is helping African newsrooms get hold of information that they couldn't previously track