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alt information八九学运领袖王丹同著名作家欣然探讨天安门学运结果及其遗产

Is press freedom going to be an issue in the next European election?

alt informationResponding to violations of media freedom in Hungary has become a conundrum for the EU. With populist parties poised for large gains in the next European election, Sally Gimson explores what the EU could do to uphold free speech in member countries

Contents: Is this all the local news?

alt informationThe spring 2019 edition of Index on Censorship magazine looks at local news in the UK and round the world and what happens to democracy when it disappears

Broadcasting liberty across Europe

alt informationFrom broadcasting uprisings to employing Russian spies, Radio Free Europe brings news to poorly served regions. Sally Gimson looks at the station’s history and asks if it is still needed today.