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Council of Europe: Barring MEE journalist from arms fair has ‘chilling effect’ on press (Middle East Eye)

alt informationSenior reporter Ian Cobain was denied entry to the country’s major arms fair on the advice of the event’s security team. Read the full article.

Presenter on RT says network tries to offer ‘alternative view’ of world affairs (EuroNews)

alt informationRussia’s RT and Sputnik Networks were the only two media organisations to be banned from the Media Freedom Conference taking place in London this week because of their “active role in spreading disinformation” according to British foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt. Read the full article.

China and Tiananmen: Dangerous truth

alt informationIndex on Censorship magazine editor Rachael Jolley marks the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square protests and massacre in conversation with journalist Tania Branigan and academic Jeff Wasserstrom. They were joined by author Xinran, who shared her memories.

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Europe must take a stand on US surveillance

alt informationThe revelations that the United States allegedly spied on European Union diplomats marks a low in what should be a special relationship of trust between major democracies. The EU needs to remind the US that surveillance is unacceptable in the digital age.

G8 nations have patchy record on free expression

alt informationWhen G8 leaders meet in Northern Ireland today, they will focus on transparency, trade and development. But they cannot hope to achieve their declared goals on transparency, corruption and human rights without a clear commitment to respecting freedom of expression at home.

Free expression in the news

BAHRAIN Missing Bahraini blogger surfaces in London Opposition activist Ali Abdulemam, sentenced to 15 years in absentia, has reemerged after two years in hiding. (Aljazeera) Bahrain policeman’s trial postponed Bahrain’s court of appeals on Sunday adjourned until June 2 the trial of two policemen who had challenged a 10-year jail verdict by a lower court. […]

Free expression in the news

Index on Censorship: Free expression in the news

Free speech in the news

Index on Censorship: Free speech in the news