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Project Exile: Wife of kidnapped Azerbaijani journalist puts her career on hold to campaign for her husband’s release

alt informationLeyla Mustafayeva is an Azerbaijani journalist and the wife of investigative journalist Afgan Mukhtarli, who was kidnapped in Georgia in May 2017 and later imprisoned in Azerbaijan

Teng Biao on human rights in China: ‘I cannot be silent, and I cannot give up’

alt information“I realised that I had been cheated by the Chinese government,” legal scholar Teng Biao said describing his drive to pursue a career in human rights law.

Russian poet Anzhelina Polonskaya: “The world does not mean happiness for most people”

alt informationAnzhelina Polonskaya became a recognised writer and poet during the turbulent post-Soviet Union era. Inspired by the works of famous Russian writers, she became a self-taught poet

The murder of journalist Pavel Sheremet continues to be shrouded in mystery

alt informationUkrainian authorities have remained silent, releasing no new information since July 2017.