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Hungarians take to the streets to protest “internet tax”

alt informationBarring a u-turn from the Hungarian government, demonstrators will return to the streets of Budapest this afternoon to oppose Prime Minster Viktor Orban’s plans to tax the internet

Romania: Audiovisual Council paralysed in middle of election campaign

alt informationAs Romania heads into its election season, its television and radio regulator languishes. Zoltan Sipos reports on the trouble ahead

Hungary: Court legalises publishing unaltered photographs of police

alt informationPhotographs revealing the identity of police officers can now legally be published in Hungary. A recent ruling of the Hungarian Constitutional Court means that news organisations can now publish unaltered photographs showing the faces of police officers without gaining prior consent Since 2007, the Hungarian Judicial System considered the personal privacy of police officers to […]

Bulgaria: Disputed sections of “bank censorship” proposal axed

Bulgarian journalists covering the financial beat can breathe freely as the most controversial parts of the so-called "bank censorship" amendment to the Criminal Code have been removed by the legal committee of the National Assembly. Zoltan Sipos reports

Hungary: Council of Europe shares concern over NGO audits

Hungarian NGOs are facing a rough summer: The Government Control Office (KEHI) has launched a series of investigations into grants they received from the Norway Financial Mechanism.