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Hungary: a “samizdat” movement brings independent news to the people

alt informationIn Hungary’s rural areas, access to news critical of those in power is a rare thing. Now a small group has set out to challenge the information monopoly of the government by distributing an independent weekly

Hungary: Prime minister Viktor Orban wages campaign against critical journalists

alt informationAs Hungary prepares for parliamentary elections, independent journalists have become a target of the pro-government media outlets

Bulgaria: Regional media outlets dependent on local governments

alt informationBetween 2013 and 2015, 10 Bulgarian municipalities spent $1.54 million on positive coverage of their activities

Hungary: Journalists resign from news website over central bank funding

alt informationIn early April 2016, Hungarian news site vs.hu began publishing less than normal. On 25 April a dozen journalists, including editor-in-chief

Hungary: Independent media facing soft censorship

alt informationHungary's media outlets are coming under increasing pressure from lawsuits, restrictions on what they can publish and high fees for freedom of information requests

Bulgaria: Investigative journalist hits back at smear campaign by media mogul

alt informationJournalists of the Bulgarian investigative news website Bivol.bg are facing an orchestrated smear campaign that's unusual even for Bulgaria

Hungary: A dispute between a media mogul and the government put journalists in a difficult situation

alt informationIn February, journalists working at Hír TV, a Hungarian television news channel, and the daily Magyar Nemzet faced

Media freedom in post-Soviet Romania remains elusive

alt informationRomania has a lot of high-calibre journalists to its name. However, many are now fighting to survive while maintaining professional

Journalists covering refugee crisis attacked by Hungarian police

alt informationAt least eight journalists were beaten and three detained as they covered a clash between refugees and the Hungarian police at the border with

Romania: Radio station dismisses veteran journalist

alt informationVasile Luca, a veteran journalist working at Radio Cluj, a Romanian public radio station based in Cluj-Napoca, was fired in May 2015 as a result of a disciplinary committee hearing.

Hungary: Government cracks down on freedom of information

alt informationBill granting Hungarian authorities new powers to withhold information believed to be a response to recent use of freedom of information requests to expose wasteful government spending

Bulgaria: Murky ownership, censorship and corruption in the media

alt informationMurky ownership, a whole array of censorship practices as well as corruption are plaguing the Bulgarian media, according to a survey recently carried out by the Bulgarian Reporter foundation