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Worst countries for restrictions on religious freedom

Here’s a roundup of some the most appalling religious freedom violations from across the globe.

Angola: Index condemns jailing of 17 activists for anti-government “rebellion”

Index is appalled at the sentencing of Angolan activists whose "crime" was taking part in a reading group discussing ideas of democracy.

#IndexAwards2016: Nkosilathi Emmanuel Moyo campaigns against political corruption

Born in 1987, the same year Mugabe became president, Moyo was political from a young age

#IndexAwards2016: Vanessa Berhe is fighting for freedom of expression in Eritrea

Campaigning for a free Eritrea since the age of 16, Vanessa Berhe can even count the Pope as a supporter

Music in Exile: Smockey playlist

Serge Bambara, aka Smockey, is a hip-hop artist, producer and activist within Le Balai Citoyen, or the Citizen’s Broom, a grassroots political movement

Smockey: “Not everyone is lucky enough to have a microphone in front of them”

Searching for “dissident artists” online, you’d be forgiven for thinking they are a purely Chinese or Russian phenomenon. But for every Ai Weiwei

Joint letter on internet shutdown in Uganda

An international coalition of organisations has called for immediate action to condemn the internet shutdown in Uganda

Raymond Joseph: South Africa’s Cybercrimes and Cybersecurity Bill is deeply flawed

With the new year comes a new battle in South Africa as critics hit back at the proposed “draconian” Cybercrimes and Cybersecurity Bill they say doesn’t differentiate “between espionage and an act of journalism”.

Angola: Nicki Minaj concert causes controversy

As far as reasons to lambast or draw controversy from the head of state in Angola go, you’d expect his taste in music to be some way down the rather long list

Filmmakers’ investigation shows how Angola’s regime attacks critics

It Is Forbidden to Talk in Angola is a documentary that tells the story of the 15 young adults who were accused of planning a rebellion

Ray Joseph: South Africans voice anger at country’s media environment

The media does not care about us, they never report things relevant to us and papers are only interested if there is bad news

“Malian concert planned to go ahead despite attacks”

Islamists have tried to stop music being played in Mali over the past few years