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Brazil’s Luiz Ruffato: “We must defend freedom under any circumstance”

While researching Brazil's legislation called the biographies' law, Index on Censorship's Brazil contibutor Simone Marques spoke to award-winning Brazilian author Luiz Ruffato, whose works include acclaimed novel They Were Many Horses.

Brazil’s banned biographies: When public figures want to control the message

alt informationWith the World Cup in the rear view mirror, our contributor Simone Marques, explores the battle over censorship of unauthorised biographies and the last minute amendment that could cause more trouble for free expression in Brazil.

Brazil: Religious intolerance on the rise

alt informationA request to remove 16 videos from YouTube has sparked a broad debate on the limits of freedom of speech and religious expression in Brazil. Simone Marques reports

FIFA World Cup: Brazilian press exchanges autonomy for sponsorships

Simone Marques reports from Brazil on sports sponsorships and the coverage of the World Cup

NETmundial: Disappointed expectations and delayed decisions

alt informationParticipants in Brazil's NETMundial left the meeting with dashed expectations, Simone Marques reports

Journalists coming under increased pressure in Brazil

alt informationJournalists continue to come under pressure from police and protesters in Brazil, according to a report released on 8 April, Simone Marques writes

Brazil moves toward an internet bill of rights

After two years of wrangling, the Brazilian chamber of deputies finally approved the General Internet Framework last week. Simone Marques reports on the long road to Marco Civil.

Brazil’s World Cup surveillance operation

alt informationThe programme for policing this summer's tournament could have serious consequences for civil liberties, Simone Marques reports

Brazil: Death of journalist covering protests prompts uproar

alt informationThe death of Santiago Andrade on 10 February, a cameraman for Brazil’s Bandeirantes Network, from injuries suffered while filming a Rio de Janeiro transport price protest has shocked the country, writes Simone Marques

Brazil: Bills rushed through congress in bid to suppress World Cup protests

alt informationSuggested laws would ban “crimes against sporting and cultural events” among other things. Simone Marques reports

Brazil moves to unmask protesters

alt informationOn the heels of 2013’s mass protests, Brazil’s state and local governments have introduced restrictions on the use of masks during protests. Simone Marques reports