Category : Scholar at Risk

Teng Biao on human rights in China: ‘I cannot be silent, and I cannot give up’

alt information“I realised that I had been cheated by the Chinese government,” legal scholar Teng Biao said describing his drive to pursue a career in human rights law.

Mehmet Ugur: We will eventually see an erosion of the authoritarian, nationalist and fascist elements in Turkey

alt information"Where will it lead? I can’t tell. Changing and rebuilding the institutions will be a massive task."

Syria’s universities: Tragedy and disaster

alt informationDr. Kassem Alsayed Mahmoud speaks to Emily Seymour about Syrian academic freedom

Scholars at Risk: Zelalem Kibret forced to choose between silence and speaking his mind

alt informationEthiopian blogger and academic Zelalem Kibret was raised in a country where living in silence or speaking your mind was often a choice between life and death.