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Museum of Dissidence: Cuba’s new constitution does not represent us as Cubans, intellectuals or humans

alt informationYanelys Nuñez Leyva and Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara, members of the Index Award-winning Museum of Dissidence, have been putting themselves on the line in the fight for free expression in Cuba

Zouhir al-Shimale: “I hope that one day I can see Syria under democratic rule”

alt information"As a native freelance journalist, you want the story of your country to be heard, and you get taken advantage of because of that."

Syria’s universities: Tragedy and disaster

alt informationDr. Kassem Alsayed Mahmoud speaks to Emily Seymour about Syrian academic freedom

Habari RDC: “We must do everything possible so that Congolese society becomes more democratic”

alt informationIn December 2018, when Index last spoke to Habari RDC, the DRC was gearing up for an election that would name a successor to president Joseph Kabila, who had been in power since 2001

ECRF: We believe in human rights for all Egyptians and we are willing to pay the price

alt informationThe Egyptian government has waged an organised campaign against independent civil society groups and has become increasingly hostile to dissent. ECRF is one of the few human rights organisations still operating in the country.

Wendy Funes: Despite the pain that violence has left in Honduras it is wonderful to see a world with so much solidarity

alt information“Despite my fears and the pain that violence has left in my country, it has been wonderful to see that it has been worthwhile to dream in a world with so much solidarity”

Turkish academic who signed peace petition set to go to prison for 15 months

alt informationTurkish academic Zübeyde Füsun Üstel now faces 15 months in prison after signing a petition calling for the Turkish government to change its policy towards the Kurds. She could become the first academic imprisoned for adding her signature.