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Cypriot journalists targeted over leaked emails

alt informationJournalists’ organisations and international bodies have expressed concern over freedom of the press in Cyprus following revelations that police have questioned journalists about leaked emails

Human rights defender Milan Antonijević wants “more commitment” to the laws that protect the people of Serbia

alt informationMilan Antonijević uses the rule of law as his main line of defence in human rights protection.

Are Serbia’s tax inspections being used as a tool to curb the press?

alt information“It’s difficult for me to believe that the motives behind so many frequent and intense inspections are anything but political”

What does it take for a journalist to enter Crimea?

alt informationThere’s currently no good way for journalists to travel to Crimea. Rather, it’s a balancing act where one has to choose the least worst solution

Russia: Telegram block leads to widespread assault on freedom of expression online

alt informationWe strongly condemn the attempts by the Russian Federation to block the internet messaging service Telegram, which have resulted in extensive violations of freedom of expression and access to information

Guilty verdicts against the Cumhuriyet journalists and executives must be overturned

alt informationInternational NGOs call on the institutions of the Council of Europe and its member states to remind Turkey of its international obligation to respect and protect human rights

Turkey’s judicial system: Under the government’s thumb

alt informationIn the wake of the 15 July 2016 coup attempt, Turkey has become a “de facto permanent” emergency regime. The state of emergency, which has been extended six times, has become a convenient pretext for the government to crack down on freedom of expression.

Sharo Ibrahim Garip: “Half of Turkey wants a secular and democratic government”

alt informationIn 2016 hundreds of academics were dismissed from their positions without notice, including sociologist Sharo Ibrahim Garip, who taught at Yuzuncu Yil University

British MP condemns chilling libel cases faced by Daphne Caruana Galizia’s family

alt informationMaltese libel laws are having an incredibly chilling effect on journalism and free speech, said British MP Tom Brake at a parliamentary meeting.

Calls for justice mark six months since Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder

alt informationAttendees of the London vigil demand an end to impunity and a proper investigation into the Maltese journalist’s death

Turkish petition for peace puts academic freedom on trial

alt informationFor Turkish academics, signing a dissenting petition can mean expulsion from their job, the country or even jail time. In Noémi Lévy-Aksu’s case, signing the Academics for Peace petition, “We will not be a party to this crime!” meant losing her teaching position at Boğaziçi University.

Students at Glasgow School of Art fight programme-sanctioned censorship

alt informationNew rules urge students to exercise caution when it comes to “offensive” or “inappropriate” material and warn against “bringing the institution into disrepute”