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Turkey: Parliament must defend the health of democracy

The undersigned organisations call on Turkey's national assembly to end the recently extended state of emergency, and take immediate steps to repair the damage to freedom of expression

Russia’s recent election was awash with media violations

Russia’s recent elections have been described as “the dullest in recent memory”. But as Index on Censorship’s Mapping Media Freedom project shows there was no shortage of media violations

Andriy Klyvynyuk voices support for Ukrainian political prisoners in Russia

Ukrainian rock musician and activist Andriy Klyvynyuk spoke to Index on Censorship of his support for Oleg Sentsov and the other Ukrainian political prisoners held by Russia.

Turkey: State of emergency provisions violate human rights and should be revoked

We, the undersigned organisations, recognise that the Turkish government has the right and responsibility to investigate the violent events of the July 2016 coup attempt and to bring all those responsible to justice.

Alex Krasodomski-Jones: Where have all the good trolls gone?

At it's best, trolling is a form of satire. But those who reduce it to nasty and humourless online threats don’t deserve the title.

Russia: Belarus Free Theatre calls for the release of jailed Ukranian filmmaker Oleg Sentsov

On Monday 10 October, Belarus Free Theatre hosted Freedom of Expression in Ukraine, an event at the House of Commons in solidarity with Oleg Sentsov

Turkey: Art in troubled times

Asena Günal, the program coordinator of Depo which is a center for arts and culture at Tophane, Istanbul, looks at how Turkey's art community has come under increasing pressure in the past year

Anna Politkovskaya: Standing alone

Just before my last trip to Chechnya in mid-September my colleagues at Novaya Gazeta began to receive threats and were told to pass on the message that I shouldn’t go to Chechnya any more. If I did, my life would be in danger. As always, our paper has its ‘own people’ on the general staff and the ministry of defence — people who broadly share our views

Andrey Arkhangelsky reflects on Anna Politkovskaya’s legacy

Writing in the latest Index on Censorship magazine, fellow Russian journalist Andrey Arkhangelsky reflects on Anna Politkovskaya's legacy

Index remembers Anna Politkovskaya

Ahead of the anniversary of her murder, Index has compiled a reading list of articles written for the magazine both by Politkovskaya and about her

6 Oct: Join us to tell the UK to help free Bahraini Nabeel Rajab

Join Index on Censorship, English Pen and the Bahrain Institute for Rights and Democracy for a vigil outside the Foreign and Commonwealth Office at 12 pm on Thursday 6 October to mark the trial of Bahraini human rights activist Nabeel Rajab, who could be sentenced to up to 15 years in prison. The Index on […]

Oct 2016: Norwegian musician Moddi stands #WithTheBanned

To mark the release of Norwegian musician Moddi’s new album, Unsongs, Index on Censorship is proud to announce a special series of appearances by currently banned voices from around the world