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Sweden: Mainstream populism has emboldened extremist opponents of the press

alt informationSweden's journalists are coming under increasing pressure from fringe groups in the country.

Syrian mother and daughter journalists murdered in Istanbul

alt informationThe bodies of Syrian journalists Orouba Barakat and her daughter Halla Barakat were discovered in their apartment in Istanbul.

Azerbaijan’s war on journalism rolls on

alt informationThe government of Azerbaijan is waging a war on independent journalism both in the country and abroad.

Fourteen months on from arrest, Zaman journalists appear in court

alt informationThe Zaman media case in which 31 journalists, columnists and staff are being tried of membership "of a terrorist organisation", starts 14 months on from the first arrest was made.

Cartoons cut from European Parliament exhibition for “controversial content”

alt informationThe European Parliament is accused of censoring a series of political cartoons from Greece which were due to appear in an upcoming exhibition later this month.

Mafia versus the media: Italian journalists face upsurge in threats and intimidation

alt informationThere are currently 20 journalists under police escort in Italy, including Paolo Borrometi who has reported extensively on organised crime

Turkey: Court rules that Cumhuriyet journalists will remain under arrest

alt informationThe Cumhuriyet trial resumed on 11 September. The court issued an interim ruling to keep five defendants in prison.

Ukraine: Authorities block journalists as threats to national security

alt informationThe current conflict has led to a rise in anti-media sentiments across Ukraine

Russia must investigate violent attacks against Yulia Latynina

alt informationIndex on Censorship calls on Russian authorities to swiftly investigate violent attacks on journalist Yulia Latynina, who was forced to flee the country.

Cumhuriyet: A pained history of suppression, assassinations and betrayal

alt informationThe trial of Cumhuriyet journalists and executives resumes on 11 September. It is more than likely that some of the newspaper’s former executives will testify against them, but neither imprisonment nor backstabbing is new in Cumhuriyet’s strained 93-year existence.

Index award nominee’s documentary to feature in London Film Festival

alt informationBehrouz Boochani's Chauka, Please Tell Us the Time has been selected for the London Film Festival in October after premiering at the Sydney Film Festival in June 2017

Turkey: A year on from the coup attempt, journalists are still being labelled terrorists

alt informationIn the year since the failed coup attempt on 15 July 2016, Turkey has cemented its position as the largest jailer of journalists in the world, with around 166 journalists in prison by the end of June 2017.