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Speech should be free but not of consequences

alt informationRather than genuinely tackling the thornier issues, we’re seeing calls for more regulations online as a quick fix

We need Andrei Aliaksandrau and 254 others in Belarus back home

alt informationLukashenko's government has doubled down by raiding the homes and offices of activists and journalists

Loujain al-Hathloul’s release gives everyone hope

alt informationThe women's rights activist has been released after 1,001 days in a Saudi jail but the struggle continues

The British Government has zero moral authority

alt informationThe UK cannot claim the moral high ground when it is preventing its own journalists from doing their jobs

Under cover of Covid, too many people have stopped paying attention

alt informationAuthoritarian leaders are restricting freedom of expression while we battle the pandemic

Behind Belarus’ shocking statistics are real people

alt informationThere are 187 political prisoners in Belarus. Each of them is a real person, with a family and a life

The week that tested the boundaries of free speech

alt informationA senator's book deal is cancelled, Donald Trump is removed from Twitter and a congresswoman wears a mask saying "censored" - never has a robust conversation about definitions of censorship been needed

Trump has dented the American Dream

alt informationThe US President has crossed the line between free speech and incitement and five people have died

2020: One for the history books

alt informationThe past year has been all about restriction of our freedoms and not just to stop the spread of Covid

Why Index has held its first ever social media blackout

alt informationDespite atrocities against activists increasing globally, we have highlighted the execution by the Iranian government of journalist Ruhollah Zam

#HumanRightsDay: We still have a lot of work to do

alt informationAs we marked Human Rights Day 2020 we were reminded how much work we have to do to upload the day's core values. Join us in this work

Should we have to respect or just tolerate abhorrent views?

alt informationAcademics at one of our most learned institutions vote next week on what free speech means. Our CEO says respect should be earned