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#IndexAwards20: Online ceremony reveals Freedom of Expression Awards winners

alt informationThe winners of the Freedom of Expression Awards 2020 include a Turkish lawyer, Bahraini activist and Russian artist, plus two organisations fighting for freedoms in Palestine and Poland

Israeli government must halt its extreme aggression toward protesters

alt informationThe killings of unarmed Palestinian protesters by Israel Defense Forces marks a grave and horrendous assault on the right to protest.

Former Israeli general moves to silence independent journalist David Sheen

alt informationIsraeli-Canadian journalist David Sheen, a former editor of Haaretz who regularly reports on racism against Africans within Israel, is the subject of a defamation lawsuit by former Israeli general Israel Ziv

Israeli move to silence Al Jazeera a clear violation of press freedom

alt informationIndex on Censorship condemns the decision by the government of Israel to ban Al Jazeera from operating in the country.

#IndexAwards2004: Mordechai Vanunu, Special Award

alt informationIsraeli whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu won a 2004 Freedom of Expression Special Award on his release after 18 years in prison

#IndexAwards2017: Breaking the Silence brings Hebron to Tel Aviv

alt informationFor exposing the realities of life in the Occupied Territories, Breaking the Silence has faced a barrage of attacks from the government

Global heroes battling censorship announced in Index Freedom of Expression Awards shortlist

alt informationSixteen courageous individuals and organisations who fight for freedom of expression in every part of the world

30 Jan: Walking the Tightrope – the tension between art and politics

alt informationPresenting the world premiere of a collection of 12 explosive political five minute plays by writers including Mark Ravenhill, Neil LaBute and Caryl Churchill. Arising from events and decisions relating to The Underbelly and Incubator Theatre’s The City, Exhibit B and the Barbican, and The Tricycle Theatre. Each performance will include all twelve five minute plays and a […]

Recap report: Is it ever better to censor than to cause offence?

alt informationIndex on Censorship and the Bush Theatre organised a debate as a part of the RADAR Festival, to explore the rights of the artist to free expression and to examine the role of arts institutions in defending and promoting free expression

13 Nov: Is it ever better to censor than to cause offence?

Join Index as part of RADAR Festival at the Bush Theatre in London to explore the rights of the artist to free expression

Gaza: Press vests fail to protect Palestinian journalists

alt informationNews coverage of the ongoing Gaza conflict would be infinitely poorer without local journalists, but it’s clear that international media needs to show their commitment by providing Palestinian reporters and fixers with extra support. Ruth Michaelson reports

Padraig Reidy: What is the alternative to boycott?

alt informationThe concept of boycotts, and particularly cultural and academic boycotts, have for a long time been problematic for people engaged in the promotion of free expression.