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11 countries where you should think twice about insulting someone

alt informationInsult laws can be very easily manipulated by those in positions of power to shut down and punish criticism

National Poetry Day: Jack Mapanje

To celebrate National Poetry Day, Index is publishing some of our favourite poems from our archives. This poem is from Jack Mapange of Malawi

Malawi repeals news censorship law

A vote in the Malawi Parliament has led to the repeal of an amendment to the country’s penal code which banned any news “not in the public interest”. Though amendment to Article 46 of the penal code was introduced in 2010, and was passed last year, it was never implemented after challenges from press freedom groups. The sweeping […]

Malawi: Journalist arrested for article on same-sex marriage

A journalist has been arrested in Malawi for writing an article on a same-sex engagement ceremony. Clement Chinoko, who works for Blantyre Newspapers Limited, was arrested on 26 May after an article appeared in the Malawi’s Sunday Times on 20 May detailing the engagement of two women in the southern city of Blantyre. The journalist has been charged with “conduct […]

Malawi: Police arrest playwright over sensitive play

A playwright has been arrested whilst performing a play which was deemed critical of the government in Malawi. Thlupego Chisiza was arrested on Sunday after armed police stormed the Lions Theater  in Blantyre, where he was performing the play SEMO. The play, which was co-written by student activist Robert Chasowa, who died in mysterious circumstances, criticises […]

Tales of taboo: Homosexuality in Africa

In East Africa, Homosexuality and lesbianism is totally taboo. At best the  the attitude is to ignore homosexuality, at worst, there are deaths, “corrective rape” of lesbians in South Africa, and communities vilifying and occasionally killing gay citizens. ‘We’ve been together for 15 years,’ says Amina*, 35, married with two children, adjusting her burkhah and […]

Malawi: Media crackdown

President Mutharika is using controversial methods to quash Malawi's opposition. Santorri Chamley reports

Malawi: journalists beaten and detained to prevent them covering protests

Reporters Without Borders has revealed several journalists covering Malawi’s recent protests have been beaten and detained, while the government has banned radio stations from covering the demonstrations. The protests were in place to express anger against fuel shortages, price hikes and a general decline in the economy, as well as to call for more democratic governance.

Malawi: Tabloid banned for not registering

Authorities in Malawi have banned a weekly tabloid newspaper for not registering. The ruling comes a year after The Weekend Times published its first edition. The newspaper, renowned for its sensationalist reporting on scandalous stories about politicians and celebrities, is published by Blantyre Newspapers Ltd, a company owned by the family of former dictator Kamuzu […]

Gay activist arrested in Malawi for poster campaign

Peter Sawali was arrested in Blantyre on 3 February for putting up posters saying ‘Gay rights are human rights’. He was charged with ‘conduct likely to cause a breach of peace’ and could face up to three months in prison. A police spokesman Dave Chingwalu said “We cannot rule out international sponsors because of the […]

Brazil: Handicapped within limits

alt informationThis issue of Index includes coverage of International Press Freedom Day, Brazil, Malawi, Algeria, Peru/Venezuela and Index's Twentieth Anniversary.

Africa: blueprint for freedom

alt informationIn this issue, Index looks at the current state of African, including Liberia, Ghana, Malawi, Tanzania, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe, and South Africa.