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China: Suppression of religious freedoms in Xinjiang continues

alt informationThe Chinese Communist Party continues to develop expansive legal and political frameworks that repress the cultural and religious freedoms of its Uyghur population in Xinjiang province. Ahmed W Khan reports

Social media changing the protest landscape in China

alt informationDespite state censorship and political repression, social media is changing the protest landscape in China, Stephen Junor writes

Egyptians to vote on new constitution amidst boycotts and apathy

Egyptians head to polling stations on Tuesday to vote on a revised constitution heralded by Egypt's military-backed government as a" first step in the country's democratic transition" and billed as a blueprint for the "new Egypt." Shahira Amin reports

Egypt continues to target Al Jazeera journalists

alt informationIn a new sign of a regression in press freedom in Egypt, authorities have ordered three journalists working for the Al Jazeera English (AJE) channel held in custody for fifteen days.

Inept or clever? Vietnam’s censors keep everyone guessing

alt informationVietnam's government keeps cultural activities from web comics to concerts under its watchful eye, for sex as much as sedition. Helen Clark reports

EU and Belarus: Change the black list, keep the deadlock

alt informationThe status quo between the European Union and Belarus remains in place. The EU Council prolonged its present sanctions against Belarusian officials this week, Andrei Aliaksandrau writes

EU and Belarus: Applying the “goat principle”

alt informationAn old Belarusian joke suggests a simple way of improving EU-Belarus relations . If you feel unhappy, just allow a goat in your house, live with it for some time, and then take the goat away. In principle, nothing changes - but you feel real relief and happiness, Andrei Yahorau writes

During show trial, China begins online crackdown

alt informationBo Xilai, the ousted former Chinese politician, continues to capture headlines even as Chinese authorities begin a highly concerted campaign to stifle online expression, Vincent Chao reports.

Vietnam’s dysfunctional relationship with the web

alt informationDecree 72, due to come into force September 1, has caused friction as it essentially prohibits people from posting links to news stories, or sections of news articles, on social media sites such as Facebook or the equally popular, locally produced Zing Me, Helen Clark writes

Two people sentenced for online insults in Belarus

A theatre playwright and a former worker from the Minsk Automobile Plant were found guilty of using offensive language online in Belarus. Andrei Aliaksandrau writes

Hassan Rouhani raises Iranian hopes for free expression

alt informationDuring his inauguration address, Iran’s new president Hassan Rouhani promised peace and a push towards a more open dialogue with the West. Although it is far too soon to gauge whether his promises will transform into policies as he pushes against Iran’s convoluted theocracy. Small Media reports

A proposal to ban every (gay) sport from the Winter Olympics

alt informationYou may have heard: Russia just passed an “anti-gay propaganda” law. You may know: Russia is hosting the 2014 Winter Olympics. Ryan O'Hanlon of Pacific Standard magazine writes