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22 Oct: Eyes wide shut? Will the future of journalism mean we are better informed?

alt informationDon't miss the launch of the autumn edition of Index on Censorship magazine

Current issue: Seeing the future of journalism – will the public know more?

In the autumn issue of Index on Censorship magazine, don’t miss: Burmese-born author Wendy Law-Yone on the challenges the Burma’s media face in the run-up to the next election; TV journalist Samira Ahmed on how television channels should respond to viewers’ complaints; award-winning foreign correspondent Iona Craig reports from Yemen on threats to journalism in […]

Sudan: Journalists arrested in crackdown

Sudanese security forces have brutally cracked down on protests against government austerity measures, arresting scores of people, including several journalists. Tear gas and rubber bullets were used as police to break up the protests, which have been ongoing since 16 June. Both local and international journalists have been arrested during their coverage of the protests, […]

Syria: activist and filmmaker killed while filming clashes in Homs

A well-known Syrian activist and filmmaker was slain on Monday while filming clashes in Homs. Bassel Al Shahade was a Fulbright Scholar studying at Syracuse University before leaving his studies in film to document his country’s revolution at the start of unrest in Syria last year. Shahade had been in Homs for two months training […]

Syria: Four citizen journalists killed despite ceasefire

Four citizen journalists have been killed in Syria, despite the recent ceasefire. Ahmed Abdallah Fakhriyeh, Samir Shalab Al-Sham Abu Mohamed, Alaa Al-Din Hassan Al-Douri  and Khaled Mahmoud Kabbisho were killed in the last week. Fakhriyeh was shot dead on his way to film the arrival of Syrian army in a the village of Dmeir on 14 April. On the same day […]

Syria: citizen journalist detained, reportedly tortured

A Syrian citizen journalist who has been detained by authorities since Wednesday has reportedly been tortured during his arrest. Ali Mahmoud Othman, who ran the media centre in Baba Amr where Marie Colvin and Remi Ochlik were killed, was arrested and initially detained at a military intelligence unit in Aleppo. Over the weekend, he was transferred to Damascus. […]

Vietnam: Two citizen journalists facing jail for operating pirate radio

Two citizen journalists face trial in Vietnam today for operating pirate radio to China.  Vu Duc Trung and Le Van Thanh face charges of illegally retransmitting radio programmes after they began broadcasting Chinese-language programmes from Sound of Hope Network, a Chinese radio station based in California. According to a Vietnamese Public Security Ministry document, the programmes, which were […]

Is the internet eroding journalism standards?

Emily Badger:Is the internet eroding journalism standards?

Iran’s cyber-army goes on the offensive

A week ago today, Iranians took to the streets once again, unafraid of arrest, tear gas, batons, and bullets. Their online counterparts work in tandem, airing minute to minute observations as they receive them, and 20 February was no exception. At about 4pm London time, footage starts coming through — that’s the way it’s been […]

Chinese police arrest riot witness

Chinese police appear to have detained a blogger who posted images of the aftermath of a riot online, prompting concerns of a crackdown on citizen journalists. The images he had posted online have since been deleted or blocked. Read more here

Burma: joined-up reporting

Recently returned from Rangoon, Fergal Keane reflects on how new and old media worked together, allowing brave dissidents to break the Burmese junta’s censorship This is the story of how new and old media combined to beat the censors in Burma, a narrative of how cyberspace, along with one of the BBC’s most venerable outlets […]