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Ethiopia: Eskinder Nega sentenced to 18 years in prison

Prominent Ethiopian journalist Eskinder Nega was today sentenced to 18 years in prison for violating anti-terrorism laws. He and 23 other activists and writers were convicted last month, and accused of links with US-based opposition group Ginbot Seven, which Ethiopia considers a terrorist organisation. Last September Eskinder was arrested after publishing an article questioning arrests made under Ethiopia’s […]

Freedom of expression under attack in Ethiopia

The Ethiopian government bolstered its image as a global leader in stifling internal dissent last week with the convictions of 24 prominent critics on conspiracy to commit acts of terrorism charges. Eskinder Nega, an influential journalist repeatedly detained over past years for challenging regime policy, is among those awaiting sentence, along with five other journalists […]

Ethiopia: 24 activists and writers convicted of terrorism

24 activists and writers, including well-known dissident and blogger Eskinder Nega, were convicted for terrorism by an Ethiopian court yesterday (27 June). The presiding judge reportedly accused Nega of attempting to spark popular protests with his blogging and speeches. Nega criticised the country’s tendency to use its vague anti-terrorism laws to silence dissent.    

Ethiopia: Jailed dissident blogger may face death penalty

Jailed Ethiopian dissident blogger Eskinder Nega will stand trial in March for terrorism charges, a federal high court judge ruled this week. He could face the death penalty if convicted. Nega and five other journalists were last November charged with providing support to Ginbot 7, a banned opposition movement that the government formally designated a terrorist entity under […]

Ethiopia:Two more journalists arrested

Two independent journalists have been arrested by Ethiopian authorities for being involved in a terrorism plot. Security forces took journalist Sileshi Hagos from his home on 9 September. Hagos worked as the managing director for Change, a magazine that covered Ginbot 7, Ethiopia’s leading opposition party which has also been banned under allegations of terrorism. […]