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Gambia: Erykah Badu calls off concert for dictator Yahya Jammeh

alt informationThe American star cancels scheduled performance at the International Roots Festival. She is not the only musician who has faced criticism over plans to perform for leaders with questionable human rights records, writes Buya Jammeh

Gambians campaign for press freedom at UN

alt informationThe campaign for media freedom in the Gambia lobbied the United Nations to push the global body to take measures to address media freedom in the West African state.

Senegalese artists under pressure for performing for Gambia’s dictator

alt informationActivists write open letter to award-winning singer set to stage a three-day concert in Gambia's capital Banjul, writes Buya Jammeh

Gambia: Jammeh promises to implement reforms

alt informationGambian President Yahya Jammeh has bowed to EU pressure to implement political reforms -- including changing the country's restrictions on the media, Buya Jammeh reports

Gambia’s president wants to ditch English as official language

alt informationPresident Yahya Jammeh describes it as a "colonial legacy", writes Buya Jammeh

Gambia: Government suspected of blocking Viber

The increasingly authoritarian regime of Gambia is suspected of blocking the popular social media app Viber following weeks of speculation on the government's intentions. The government said it has not been banned and blames service providers for the outage. Buya Jammeh reports

Gambian journalist details his escape from Jammeh regime

alt informationExiled Gambian journalist Omar Bah’s journey from his homeland to the United States is detailed in his memoir, Africa’s Hell on Earth. Buya Jammeh reports.

Gloomy days for Gambian journalists

alt informationBarely three weeks after Gambia's president Yahya Jammeh announced the lifting of the ban on two private media institutions -- the Standard Newspaper and Terranga FM -- the government arrested two journalists, Buya Jammeh reports

Four places where social media could land you in jail

alt informationFacebook has nearly 1.2 billion monthly active users –that’s nearly 20% of the total global population. Yet, in some countries harsh sanctions and time in jail can be imposed on those who comment on social media, in the majority of cases for speaking out against their government.

Gambia: Newspaper website blocked

Editors of the US-based newspaper Gambia Echo have seen access to their website from within Gambia blocked by the country’s government. In a letter sent to the US State Department on June 4, the imprint’s editor-in-chief claims the move is part of a trend under President Yahya Jammeh towards restricting press freedom. Gambia Echo’s website, […]

Gambian political figure jailed for ‘unlawful assembly’

A prominent member of Gambia’s main opposition party has been sentenced to a year of hard labour on charges of “unlawful assembly”. The Media Foundation for West Africa suggested that the imprisonment of Femi Peters, campaign manager for the United Democratic Party, was an attempt by the government to weaken the opposition ahead of next […]

Gambian journalists censored after arrests

Two journalists have been arrested by military officials in The Gambia while on an editorial assignment at a tourist site. Media Foundation for West Africa revealed that Sanna Camara and Saikou Jammeh of the Banjul-based Daily News were detained by the Tourism Security Unit last week. Authorities questioned them for two hours for taking photographs […]