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Заглатывая приманку

alt information«Лайки» в социальных медиа, потешные фотографии и стремление к мгновенной реакции – все это часть давления на точную журналистику, пишет Ричард Самбрук

الصحافة الرصينة وابتلاع طعم وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي

alt informationإن زرّ الإعجاب على وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي، والصور الترفيهية، والهوس بالتفاعل الفوري كلّها جزءً من الضغوطات التي تواجههَا الصحافةُ الجدّية، يكتب ريتشارد سامبروك

Clicar en el anzuelo

alt informationLos «me gusta» de las redes sociales, las fotos graciosas y la búsqueda de la reacción inmediata son parte de la presión bajo la que se encuentra el periodismo veraz. Lo cuenta Richard Sambrook

Six sites blocked by China’s Great Firewall

alt informationHere are six sites that are regularly blocked by China's Great Firewall

Tech companies’ data-sharing agreement presents threat to free expression

alt informationIndex on Censorship is deeply concerned about plans outlined by technology companies to share information about, and collectively remove, extremist content.

How to stay anonymous online

alt informationIn this extract from Index on Censorship's Autumn issue, Mark Frary looks at some of the tactics you can use to remain safe and invisible when browsing

Does social media have a censorship problem?

alt informationAttempts to control social media activity have been rife since Facebook and Twitter launched in 2006. We are outraged when political leaders ban access to social

Russia: Media freedom curtailed under veneer of legality

alt informationRussia's media freedom has declined under the government of Vladimir Putin. The president and his allies have used a cloak of legislative legitimacy to target

Fighting to speak freely: balancing privacy and free expression in the information age

alt informationIn a keynote speech at the Internet Librarian International conference, Jodie Ginsberg explored the rights to privacy, security – the right to life – and freedom of expression in an information age

Our knowledge about the past shouldn’t be restricted, says former UN free speech rapporteur

alt informationI want to know the past, people shouldn't be able to alter records, said former UN free speech guru Frank La Rue

Judith Vidal-Hall: Taking on the giant

alt informationWhen a group of claimants in the UK took on Google for invasion of privacy, they had little idea that the case would become a landmark in the fight to tame the internet giant's intrusion into our lives on the web

When Google tripped: Forgetting the right to be forgotten

alt informationWho limits access to information in the context of a search, and what it produces, continues to loom large. The right to know jousts with the entitlement to be invisible, writes Binoy Kampmark