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Did culture and arts prepare Egypt for revolution?

Some believe the stage for Egypt's 2011 mass uprising was already being set years earlier -- with popular culture helping fuel the people’s anger and frustration. Shahira Amin reports

Egypt’s message to journalists: “Adhere to the official narrative or risk severe punishment”

The sentencing of three Al Jazeera journalists in Egypt has shocked and outraged rights activists and press around the world, and fuelled concern about freedom of expression and the independence of the judiciary in the country. Shahira Amin reports

Egypt: Law will “severely erode civil liberties”

Country is expected to put into effect a new counter-terrorism law that rights groups warn could "reinstate the old police state that existed under deposed president Hosni Mubarak", writes Shahira Amin

“We no longer feel safe”: Egypt’s attacks on gay rights

Following three men being sentenced to eight years in prison "for committing homosexual acts", Shahira Amin investigates the dangers faced by Egypt's vulnerable gay community

Egypt: ‘Poet of the people’ Ahmed Fouad Negm dies

Ahmed Fouad Negm, who became popular for his political stance on the poor and working class, has died at the age of 84

In post-Morsi Egypt journalists toe the military line or self censor

Editorials and articles labelling democracy activists "anarchists and "thugs" signal that most Egyptian media has reverted to its old pre-revolution ways, siding with the military-backed government against the opposition activists. Shahira Amin reports

‘Draconian’ bill regulating protests fuels fear in Egypt

A controversial bill regulating protests has provoked public outrage in Egypt, fuelling fears among rights activists and revolutionary forces that the gains made since the January 2011 mass uprising that toppled President Hosni Mubarak may be reversed.

Egypt’s spring turns to winter

As the numbers steadily mount of those killed by the Egyptian military and police in yesterday’s attacks on Muslim Brotherhood camps, the prospects for Egypt’s ‘Arab spring’ are looking bleak, Kirsty Hughes says

Two years on, what’s happened to Egypt’s dream of religious freedom?

Egyptians who took to the streets in mass protests in January 2011 demanding the downfall of Mubarak’s authoritarian regime were rebelling — amongst other things — against restrictions on their civil liberties and infringement on their rights. Religious minorities, like Coptic Christians and Baha’is, who participated in the January 2011, 18- day mass uprising had hoped that toppling Egypt’s oppressive regime would usher in a new era of greater freedom of expression and equality. More than two years on, many of them say it has not. Under Hosni Mubarak, Egypt’s Coptic Christians (who make up an estimated 12 per cent of the population) often complained of discrimination. They could not build or renovate churches without a presidential decree, never reached [...]

What future for free speech in the new Egypt?

Egypt closed 2012 with a new constitution and opened this year with growing discontent with President Mohamed Morsi. Ashraf Khalil reflects on a tumultuous year, and looks ahead to an uncertain future

Egypt: Authorities block publication of controversial feature

Egyptian authorities have blocked the publication of a controversial feature story. Daily newspaper Rose al-Youssef were due to run the second part of an investigative article on an alleged Israeli spy once stationed in Cairo, but publication was stopped following the request from an unidentified “sovereign body”. An amended version of the publication was made available […]

Egypt: Authorities freeze new satellite TV station licenses

Military rulers in Egypt have frozen licenses for new private satellite TV stations, claiming they are inciting violence in an “increasingly chaotic media scene.” Activists are claiming that these restrictions on freedom of expression are similar to those put in place under President Hosni Mubarak. Mubarak’s previous governments had imprisoned journalists for their coverage of his […]