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End of a multicultural world

alt informationIn this issue, Index on Censorship magazine explores the conflict in Bosnia: the pornographic documentation of grief and the betrayal of multiculturalism.

Contents: The big squeeze

alt informationSpring 2017 contributors include Richard Sambrook, Dominic Grieve, Roger Law, Karim Miské, Mark Frary and Canan Coşkun

Tickling Giants screening

alt informationJoin Index on Censorship for a screening of Tickling Giants as part of the Human Rights Watch Film Festival

Contents: The unnamed

alt informationFormer CIA agent Valerie Plame Wilson writes on the damage done when her cover was blown, journalist John Lloyd looks at how terrorist attacks have affected surveillance needs worldwide, Bangladeshi blogger Ananya Azad explains why he was forced into exile after violent attacks on secular writers, philosopher Julian Baggini looks at the power of literary aliases through the ages, Edward Lucas shares The Economist's perspective on keeping its writers unnamed

Contents: Danger in truth, truth in danger

alt informationIndex on Censorship has dedicated its milestone 250th issue to exploring the increasing threats to reporters worldwide. Its special report, Truth in Danger, Danger in Truth: Journalists Under Fire

#IndexAwards2016: Mada Masr offers an alternative narrative to Egypt’s official media

alt informationMada Masr is an Egyptian online news site formed just before the military coup in July 2013 by 24 friends and journalists

Jodie Ginsberg: Terror laws are used to “stifle” media

alt informationThe UK government should look to what is happening to free expression in Egypt and Turkey before broadening terrorist laws to include those who "spread hate".

5 countries using anti-terror legislation to muzzle journalists

alt informationThe anti-terror charges against reporters for Vice News in Turkey are not isolated. In recent years, a number of countries have used broad anti-terror laws to restrict the freedom of the press.

5 Sept: Listen to the Banned (partner event)

alt informationJoin us in Lincoln for Festival 800, a celebration of the 800th anniversary of the sealing of the Magna Carta – a unique and powerful statement that began the world's march to freedom and liberty.

An attack on free expression is an attack on society, says Peter Greste

The Al Jazeera journalist recently released after 400 days in Egyptian jail speaks about his time in jail, the campaign for his release and fellow journalists still imprisoned in Egypt

Egypt: “Peter will not rest until his colleagues are freed”

As journalist Peter Greste returns to Australia, his two colleagues Canadian-Egyptian journalist Mohamed Fadel Fahmy and Egyptian journalist Baher Mohamed languish in an Egyptian prison.

Gay Egyptians living in “constant fear” as crackdown from authorities and media worsens

alt informationIn recent months, 150 suspected homosexuals have been arrested and detained, while reporting by pro-government media has further fuelled prejudice against gay people. Shahira Amin reports