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Student reading lists: journalism and censorship

alt informationMuch of Index on Censorship’s global work involves allowing censored journalists an outlet to publish articles which may be unpublished in their home countries. This reading list, focusing on journalism, looks at issues surrounding freedom of expression and press freedom.

Yemeni journalist released from prison

Abdul-Elah Haider Shaye was freed last night in Yemen after being kept in prison for three years at the request of Barack Obama. Iona Craig reports

Yemen: Shaye commences hunger strike

The pardoned journalist has been imprisoned for one year at the request of the US administration. Iona Craig reports

Yemen: One year on

After a year of political unrest following the Arab Spring, Iona Craig reports on the current situation in Yemen

Kiwi journalist in Yemen prison

The arrest and detention of a Kiwi journalist lays bare the risks and calculations taken by foreign journalists in Yemen. Iona Craig reports from Sana’a

Yemen: Journalists at risk as protests spread

The government may claim that media workers are protected, but the reality on Yemen's streets is very different, says Iona Craig

Video: Pro and anti-Saleh protests in Yemen

Video: Pro and anti-Saleh protesters clash in Yemen

Video: Pro and anti-Saleh protests in Yemen

Video: Pro and anti-Saleh protesters clash in Yemen

Yemen’s leader hopes brutality will scare protesters

President Saleh is walking a fine line --- using violence to disperse peaceful protests works until civilian deaths make international news. Iona Craig reports

Yemen: Pro and anti-government protesters face off

In Sana’a the opposition was outfoxed by President Saleh --- but protests in provincial cities show the public's anger has not abated. Iona Craig reports

Middle East: Will Yemen be next?

Inspired by unrest in Egypt and Tunisia, the opposition has staged massive protests demanding President Saleh's resignation but so far there is no sign of a grass-roots move for change. Iona Craig reports

Yemen: No place for change

Despite the eruption of Tunisian inspired protests in Sana'a and other cities in Yemen calling for President Ali Abdullah Saleh to step down, regime change seems unlikely. Iona Craig reports