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Italian journalist Lorenzo Tondo tells Index: “I have a duty to defend my rights”

alt information“They breached my rights,” Tondo said. “I abide by professional confidentiality and I need to defend my sources.”

Mafia versus the media: Italian journalists face upsurge in threats and intimidation

alt informationThere are currently 20 journalists under police escort in Italy, including Paolo Borrometi who has reported extensively on organised crime

Yavuz Baydar: Half-truths in the age of Turkey’s emergency rule

alt informationTurkey's third post-coup week has been full of uncertainties, suspicion and concern. As of Wednesday morning there were 1,297 individuals subject to an international travel ban, among them 35 journalists and 51 lawyers.

Contents: Danger in truth, truth in danger

alt informationIndex on Censorship has dedicated its milestone 250th issue to exploring the increasing threats to reporters worldwide. Its special report, Truth in Danger, Danger in Truth: Journalists Under Fire

Mapping Media Freedom: Two years of uncovering attacks on Europe’s press

alt informationMapping Media Freedom launched to the public on 24 May 2014. Two years on, the platform has verified over 1,800 media violations

Italy: Reform could introduce fines for needless defamation suits against journalists

alt informationRecommendations approved by the Italian chamber of deputies could offer more protection to journalists.

Vatican: Italian journalists face eight years in prison

alt informationTwo Italian journalists are being prosecuted by The Vatican for revealing confidential information and could face up to eight years in prison

Mapping Media Freedom: 2015 was “tumultuous” for media workers

alt informationTo highlight the most pressing concerns for press freedom in Europe, Index's Mapping Media Freedom correspondents discuss the violations the stood out most

Italy: Lawyers accuse journalists of reporting secrets

alt informationFor weeks, Rome has been transfixed by the spectacle of the "Capital Mafia" trial, which began on 5 November

Padraig Reidy: Why use the “offended” line? Because it works

alt informationThe archdiocese of Rio is offended and reportedly threatening to sue Italian broadcaster RAI for an advert showing the Christ The Redeemer statue wearing the Italy Jersey. Such complaints of “offence” are really demands for “respect” -- in the Corleone sense

ECHR rules in favour of Italian journalist

The Court ruled defamation conviction was in violation of the right to freedom of expression

Italy’s free expression hamstrung by lack of media plurality

alt informationThe situation for freedom of expression in Italy is curtailed by a lack of media plurality, restrictive media legislation and a digital sphere restricted by a strict privacy law.