Syria: Four citizen journalists killed despite ceasefire

Four citizen journalists have been killed in Syria, despite the recent ceasefire. Ahmed Abdallah Fakhriyeh, Samir Shalab Al-Sham Abu Mohamed, Alaa Al-Din Hassan Al-Douri  and Khaled Mahmoud Kabbisho were killed in the last week. Fakhriyeh was shot dead on his way to film the arrival of Syrian army in a the village of Dmeir on 14 April. On the same day Al-Sham, who worked for the Syrian News Network, died shortly after a mortar round hit the building he was filming in on Tuesday. On 17 April, activist Kabbisho was summarily executed after being questioned in the North West of the country. It is reported his head was crushed by a tank. Leading rights activist Al-Douri was hit by a bullet at a roadblock to the North-West of Hama. His body was handed over to his family on Tuesday (17 April), and is believed to show signs of torture.

Nigeria: Gunmen kill cameraman

A cameraman has been shot and killed at the home of a couple whose wedding he was filming in Nigeria. Chuks Ogu, who had worked for privately-owned Independent Television, was shot on Saturday (14 April) when gunmen, believed to be hired assassins, stormed into the house of the newly-weds and opened fire. The motive for the attack is unclear, as nothing was stolen from the couple. It is also unclear whether Ogu was the actual target of the attack, as preliminary police reports suggest this was a case of mistaken identity. Ogu is the third journalist to be killed in Nigeria this year.

Brazil: Second journalist killed in under a week

Brazilian newspaper editor Paulo Roberto Cardoso Rodrigues was shot dead on Sunday night, making him the second Brazilian journalist killed in less than a week and the third in 2012. The journalist, who was known as Paulo Rocaro, was driving home at night in Ponta Porá, a city near the country’s border with Paraguay, when two men on a motorcycle shot him at least five times. Cardoso was the editor of the local daily Jornal Da Praça and news website Mercosul News, and frequently wrote about local politics.

Syria: Journalist killed in Homs

Syrian journalist Mazhar Tayyara was killed by government forces’ fire in the city of Homs, a centre of the Syrian resistance against President Bashar al-Assad, on 4 February. Tayyara, a stringer for Agence France-Presse and other international news organisations, was reporting from the Homs neighbourhood of Al-Khaldiyeh when government forces shelled the area. The journalist sustained multiple severe injuries and died in hospital within hours.