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Syria passes draconian cybercrime laws

alt informationCountry is latest to criminalise vaguely defined fake news to target human rights activists and journalists

Who is 2021’s Tyrant of the Year? WINNER ANNOUNCED

alt informationThe individual who has been voted the most oppressive in 2021 by Index readers has been named

Why journalists need emergency safe havens

alt informationJournalists tell Index how a new type of visa is vital to protect lives and stop media censorship. Rachael Jolley reports

Spinning bomb: Fighting the disinformation war

alt informationNerma Jelacic argues revisionists are manipulating free speech defenders

Whistleblowers: The lifeblood of democracy

alt informationThe summer 2021 issue of Index on Censorship magazine looks at the critical role of whistleblowers

Remembering Jo Cox five years on

alt informationWhy we need to heed the words from the maiden speech of the murdered MP more than ever

China: A century of silencing dissent

alt informationThe spring 2021 issue of Index on Censorship magazine marks the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party

The Disappeared

alt informationThe Autumn 2020 issue of Index on Censorship magazine looks at how governments around the world are disappearing not just freedoms but even people

Syrian photographer documents destruction by walking tightrope

alt informationHis absolute independence is what saved him in all the years that he stayed in Raqqa, even during the years that Isis was in charge

Zouhir al-Shimale: “I hope that one day I can see Syria under democratic rule”

alt information"As a native freelance journalist, you want the story of your country to be heard, and you get taken advantage of because of that."

Journalists in northern Syria face intimidation and insecurity every day

alt informationIn March, the Violation Documentation Center reported on the arrest of two journalists in Jarabulus by the local Turkish-backed security intelligence.

Syria’s universities: Tragedy and disaster

alt informationDr. Kassem Alsayed Mahmoud speaks to Emily Seymour about Syrian academic freedom