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Tech companies’ data-sharing agreement presents threat to free expression

alt informationIndex on Censorship is deeply concerned about plans outlined by technology companies to share information about, and collectively remove, extremist content.

EU agreement with tech firms on hate speech guaranteed to stifle free expression

alt informationIndex on Censorship condemned the agreement between the European Commission and tech firms Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Microsoft to tackle hate speech online.

New Microsoft report: a step towards transparency

Brian Pellot: New Microsoft report is a step towards transparency

New Microsoft report: a step towards transparency

Brian Pellot: New Microsoft report is a step towards transparency

India asks Google, Facebook to screen user content

The Indian Government have asked internet companies and social media organisations to censor internet content before it goes online. India’s acting telecommunications minister Kapil Sibal met with top officials from the Indian units of Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Facebook on Monday to discuss implementing the removal of disparaging, inflammatory or defamatory content before being published online. […]

Free Microsoft licences to help combat censorship

Microsoft is extending its program of giving free software licences to non-profit organisations. The initiative was first applied to Russia, after it was discovered that authorities were using software piracy inquiries as a method of suppressing independent media outlets and advocacy groups. The program will now include 500,000 NGOs in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, […]

Kyrgyzstan: Microsoft denies censorship claims

Microsoft has denied claims that its staff were involved in the silencing of internet television station Stan TV, which was raided by police on April 1. Initial reports claimed the police were accompanied by a Microsoft representative, who came armed with an order from Kyrgyzstan Prosecutor General’s office authorising him to seal the station’s equipment. The order alleged that […]

Microsoft Bing filters gay and lesbian search terms

A recent report by the OpenNet Initiative has revealed that search terms in both Arabic and English relating to homosexuality are censored in some Middle Eastern countries. The study showed that the level of censorship on Microsoft’s Bing ranged from ‘substantial’ to ‘pervasive’ and ‘selective’ in Algeria, Syria, Jordan and United Arab Emirates. Other sexually […]

“Sex” censored on Microsoft search engine

Bing, the new search engine from Microsoft is varying search results of the term “sex” dependent on the country. The UK, US and all European countries produce long lists of results but Arabian countries, China, India and several others produce no results leading to accusations of censorship. Read more here

Microsoft block MSN Messenger in Cuba

Cuba has criticised Microsoft  for blocking its Messenger instant messaging service on the island and in other countries under U.S. sanctions, calling it yet another example of Washington’s “harsh” treatment of Havana. Read more here

Groups appeal for web freedom

Human rights groups are urging Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft not to become complicit in Internet censorship, declaring 12 March World Day Against Cyber Censorship. Read more here

Roadmap for free expression

As Google, Yahoo and Microsoft sign up to a ground-breaking code of conduct, will this change the way they do business with repressive regimes? Leslie Harris, who was a key player in forging the agreement, explains what it means for free speech.