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Did culture and arts prepare Egypt for revolution?

alt informationSome believe the stage for Egypt's 2011 mass uprising was already being set years earlier -- with popular culture helping fuel the people’s anger and frustration. Shahira Amin reports

Egypt’s message to journalists: “Adhere to the official narrative or risk severe punishment”

alt informationThe sentencing of three Al Jazeera journalists in Egypt has shocked and outraged rights activists and press around the world, and fuelled concern about freedom of expression and the independence of the judiciary in the country. Shahira Amin reports

“We no longer feel safe”: Egypt’s attacks on gay rights

alt informationFollowing three men being sentenced to eight years in prison "for committing homosexual acts", Shahira Amin investigates the dangers faced by Egypt's vulnerable gay community

Youssef returns to the small screen as Egypt targets journalists

alt informationWith much anticipation, Egyptians huddled around their television sets on Friday night to watch their favourite comedian, Bassem Youssef, make his debut appearance on the Saudi-funded MBC Misr Channel after a three-month absence from the small screen. Shahira Amin reports

Egypt: Arab Spring anniversary a “horrible day for journalists”

alt informationAs thousands of Egyptians demonstrated in support of the country's military, journalists were attacked, 49 people were killed and 247 others were injured in anti-government marches across Egypt on Saturday on the third anniversary of the uprising that led to the overthrow of autocrat Hosni Mubarak. Shahira Amin reports

Egypt moves to lower expectations for new constitution

alt informationPublic service messages on Egyptian radio stations candidly tell listeners that a new constitution currently being drafted by a fifty-member panel "won't be the best that the country has had". Listeners are assured however, that the new charter will not be Egypt's last. Shahira Amin reports

London gallery in Muslim Brotherhood censorship row

P21 accused of censorship following the decision not to exhibit a piece satirising Egypt’s deposed president Mohamed Morsi. Milana Knezevic reports

Egypt’s spring turns to winter

alt informationAs the numbers steadily mount of those killed by the Egyptian military and police in yesterday’s attacks on Muslim Brotherhood camps, the prospects for Egypt’s ‘Arab spring’ are looking bleak, Kirsty Hughes says

Egyptian media reflects xenophobic sentiment of military

alt informationXenophobia in general and anti-US sentiment, in particular, have peaked in Egypt since the June 30 rebellion that toppled Islamist President Mohamed Morsi and the Egyptian media has in recent weeks, been fuelling both. Shahira Amin reports

Egypt, the military and the media: Worse yet to come?

After the fall of Egypt's Islamist president this month, security officials shut down media linked to the Muslim Brotherhood. With a history of biased media and an increasingly divided nation, the future in Egypt looks grim. Shahira Amin reports

Egyptian army shuts down media outlets

Media outlets in Egypt sympathising with the now ousted Islamist president Mohamed Morsi have been shut down. Sara Yasin reports

Tamarod movement to oust Morsi gains ground in Egypt

A campaign called 'Tamarod' has already gathered millions of signatures calling for the ousting of Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi. Shahira Amin reports on the growing discontent with the country's first post-revolution president