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Contents: The big squeeze

alt informationSpring 2017 contributors include Richard Sambrook, Dominic Grieve, Roger Law, Karim Miské, Mark Frary and Canan Coşkun

How to stay anonymous online

alt informationIn this extract from Index on Censorship's Autumn issue, Mark Frary looks at some of the tactics you can use to remain safe and invisible when browsing

Contents: The unnamed

alt informationFormer CIA agent Valerie Plame Wilson writes on the damage done when her cover was blown, journalist John Lloyd looks at how terrorist attacks have affected surveillance needs worldwide, Bangladeshi blogger Ananya Azad explains why he was forced into exile after violent attacks on secular writers, philosopher Julian Baggini looks at the power of literary aliases through the ages, Edward Lucas shares The Economist's perspective on keeping its writers unnamed

Future imperfect: Jason DaPonte

alt informationShould concerns about privacy after the NSA revelations change the way we use the web? Jason DaPonte asks the experts about state spying, corporate control and what we can do to protect ourselves

Wired up: why refugees in exile remain silenced

alt informationPeople who have fled dangerous regimes now use free apps and digital connections to stay in touch with their former home, but they often worry that those networks can also be used against them, says Rachael Jolley

Is privacy more vital than national security?

Martha Lane Fox and retired Major General Tim Cross debate how far governments go when balancing individual rights and safeguarding the nation. This is an extract from a longer feature in the latest issue of Index on Censorship magazine

Jamie Bartlett: The coming online privacy revolution

alt informationIn his new ebook, tech expert Jamie Bartlett describes what he sees as the long-term 'Snowden effect': the explosion of new ways to keep online secrets and protect privacy, and the challenges that presents for state security services.

EU adopts new guidelines on freedom of expression

New guidelines were released this week by the European Union Foreign Affairs Council specifically focusing on freedom of expression online and offline. Alice Kirkland reports

Data retention and legality: The fall of the EU’s Data Retention Directive

alt informationEU officials should have seen it coming. In December, the Advocate General of the ECJ was already of the opinion that the DRD constituted “a serious interference” with privacy, Binoy Kampmark writes

We need a privacy rapporteur, says UN free speech boss

alt informationFrank La Rue also called for a coordinated effort from the UN human rights system to deal with the issue of privacy

Is India’s biometric benefits database trampling privacy?

alt informationIndia’s laws and controls over its massive collection, storage and use of biometric data are hugely deficient, writes Ram Mashru

Online privacy as an active pursuit

alt informationThe age of mass surveillance has brought with it a need for individuals to manage their online privacy -- and human dignity, Scott Ainslie writes