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NGOs demand release of journalists held by Huthi forces for two years

alt informationThe Huthi and allied forces should immediately and unconditionally release ten Yemeni journalists detained arbitrarily without charge or trial

Yemen: Cameraman killed by security forces

A cameraman for Al-Yemen TV, Abd Al-Ghani Al-Bureihi, was killed when Yemeni security forces opened fire at a demonstration in Sanaa calling for the president to step down on 16 October. Two other cameramen were also allegedly injured at the same demonstration, including Salah Al-Hatar of Al-Jazeera.  

Yemen: Journalists targeted as clashes continues

Journalists and protesters in Sana’a are facing gunfire and sniper attacks as fighting in Yemen’s capital city intensifies. Private satellite broadcasting station, Suhail TV, was attacked by mortar fire earlier this week. Cameras, archives and computers were severely damaged and two camera operators were injured. One Suhail TV employee has claimed that a sympathetic senior […]

Yemen: Protesters killed in clashes with security forces

Security forces reportedly used tear gas, water cannons, rubber bullets and live ammunition to disperse anti-government protesters in the capital Sana’a over the weekend. Six protesters died in the clashes while up to a hundred were left injured.

Yemen: Anti-government protester killed by security forces

Security forces have opened fire on anti-government protesters trying to join a camp at the University of Sana’a, killing one and injuring 100. The police were accused of using tear gas and rubber bullets, and firing live rounds into the crowd. Mass demonstrations have also been taking place in other cities including Aden, Atiq and […]