Egypt: BBC journalist released

BBC journalist Shaimaa Khalil has been released after her arrest yesterday in Egypt. The BBC has said it is not yet clear whether she faces further action by the authorities. Reports say that Khalil, a producer at the broadcaster’s Cairo bureau, was believed to have been arrested along with over 80 people, including other journalists, after soldiers and riot police cleared a three-week sit-in in Tahrir Square. She was detained for 20 hours at a military base before being moved and later released.

Egypt: BBC journalist detained

The BBC’s Shaimaa Khalil has been arrested in Egypt while reporting from Cairo. In her most recent tweet, Khalil said she and those with her were “OK” and on the way to see district prosecutors. She had travelled to Tahrir Square after Egyptian security forces had moved in to clear the area of protesters.  In her last tweet before her arrest, Khalil noted the atmosphere was “extremely tense” and that the area was surrounded by “military”, “riot police” and “armoured vehicles”.