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Turkey’s secular mindset, dominated by matters of faith

Turkish publisher Ragıp Zarakolu, honoured by the International Publishers’ Association for his ‘exemplary courage in upholding freedom to publish’ this year, details the historical and political context behind repression of free speech in Turkey

Turkish authorities block Dailymotion

The popular video-sharing website Dailymotion has been blocked in Turkey. This is the second instance of a video-sharing website being made inaccessible by the Turkish authorities in three months. YouTube was blocked on 5 may 2008 on the grounds it had not obtained a license from the Turkish authorities. YouTube claimed it had taken all […]

Who killed Hrant Dink?

As the murder trial continues this week in Turkey, the investigation remains far from complete. Jo Glanville spoke to Dink family lawyer Fethiye Çetin about the case

Turkey: 301 strikes again

A publisher has been sentenced to five months in prison for ‘insulting the Turkish Republic’. Index on Censorship reports A Turkish publisher has become the latest victim of the notorious article 301, which makes it a crime to ‘insult the Turkish republic’. A judge ruled that Ragip Zarakolu, who published British author George Jerjian’s The […]

Turkish parliament ‘amends’ Article 301

Turkey’s controversial article 301 has been reworded. Under an amendment passed by the parliament this morning, The term ‘Turkishness’ is replaced by the ‘Turkish nation’, and the term ‘Republic’ with ‘State of the Republic of Turkey’. Index on Censorship last week honoured Arat Dink, who has been prosecuted under 301 for insulting Turkishness, with a […]

Turkey: reforms to 301 shelved

Nihat Ergun of Turkey’s ruling AK party has said he does not know when a proposed amendment to Article 301 of the Turkish penal code will be raised in parliament.

Turkey: Dink trial resumes today

The alleged killers of journalist Hrant Dink return to court today, with many groups expressing misgivings about the conduct of their trial, writes Charlotte Alfred The fourth hearing in the trial of suspects accused of killing Hrant Dink, the Turkish-Armenian editor of Agos, starts today in Istanbul, amid widespread concern over the inadequacy of the […]

PAST EVENT: For Hrant, for Justice: the ongoing struggle for freedom of expression in Turkey

Documentary screening and panel discussion For Hrant, for Justice: the ongoing struggle for freedom of expression in Turkey 7pm Thursday 28 February 2008 Amnesty International UK – The Human Rights Action Centre

Turkey: threats to free press

In recent weeks there have been many arrests and convictions in Turkey citing the archaic Penal Code which is used to curtail freedom of expression. Here are some of the more alarming cases

Agos journalists face charges

the owner of the Armenian-Turkish newspaper Agos, Serkis Seropyan, and its new editor, Aris Nalci, are facing prosecution over a 9 November article condemning sentences passed on their colleagues.

Turkey: “We will continue to build on his hopes and dreams”

Nouritza Matossian remembers Armenian journalist and campaigner Hrant Dink, who was murdered on this day (19 January)  in 2007

Josef Lada: Wall calendars

alt informationIn this issue, Index on Censorship explores the difference between the degrees of freedom of expression and censorship in Czechoslovakia over a decade.