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Mamadali Makhmudov: Writing the truth, only truth

alt informationArrested twice and imprisoned for 14 years, writer Mamadali Makhmudov was released in 2013 after an international outcry. He continues to be blacklisted and his works are silenced.

Worst countries for restrictions on religious freedom

alt informationSome of the worst countries for religious freedom are Burma, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, China, Eritrea, Iran

13 governments that are definitely not jailing people over free speech

alt informationJust look at these definitely-not-free-speech-related charges journalists and activists and human rights lawyers and pro democracy campaigners face

Uzbekistan: Dissident photographer “ruining the constitution”

alt informationRenowned photographer and documentary filmmaker Umida Akhmedova tells Milana Knezevic about her latest run-in with Uzbekistan's repressive authorities

What does state press control look like?

In light of the UK's Royal Charter on newspaper regulation, we look at 10 countries where the government has a hand in controlling the press

Telco caught colluding with dictators

Nordic Telecom giant TeliaSonera forced to act after evidence that its data has been abused to target, harass and jail activists in Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and Belarus

Uzbekistan: Activist Karamatov released

Alisher Karamatov, a member of teh Human Rights Society of Uzbekistan, was released from prison on 13 April, having served almost six years of a nine-year sentence. Karamatov was found guilty of extortion and imprisoned in 2006, but independent observers believe the charges were trumped up and he was peresecuted for his human rights monitoring work. […]

Uzbekistan: Growing concern over targeting of independent journalists

A number of incidents in the last few weeks have raised concerns over the harassment of journalists in Uzbekistan. On 26 March, independent journalist Viktor Krymzalov was convicted of defamation for an article which was published without a byline. The plaintiff “assumed” it was written by Krymzalov, but no evidence was provided to support the claim. […]

Uzbekistan: Novaya Gazeta columnist deported

Former Novaya Gazeta columnist Victoria Ivleva was deported from Uzbekistan in an incident she believes is linked to her work. Ivleva flew to Tashkent for a photo workshop last Friday, but was not allowed to leave the airport. She was then refused a meeting with the Russian consul and put on a flight back to Russia. Ivleva […]

From the archives, 50 years, 50 writers: Djamshid Karimov

alt informationOne of the writers championed by Index on Censorship and English PEN to mark 50 years of the Writers in Prison Committee, Uzbek journalist Djamshid Karimov was released from a psychiatric hospital on 30 November. Djamshid Karimov, nephew of Uzbek president Islam Karimov, is an outspoken critic of the government, known for reporting on socio-political issues. He […]

Uzbekistan: Charges dropped against freelance journalist

All charges against freelance journalist Elena Bondar in Uzbekistan have been dropped. Bondar was detained at Tashkent airport on 22 August returning from a journalism seminar in Kyrgyzstan, she was told she faced prosecution because she did not declare professional material that was seized from her.