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Jess Phillips: Violence against women and girls begins and ends with censorship

alt informationThe outpouring of grief in the wake of the death of Sarah Everard is not just because of our sorrow at her loss. Women have been self censoring on behalf of society

Loujain al-Hathloul’s release gives everyone hope

alt informationThe women's rights activist has been released after 1,001 days in a Saudi jail but the struggle continues

We mustn’t close our eyes to violence against campaigning women

alt informationAs the UN launches a campaign against gender-based violence, our CEO says we must support those who want their voices heard

Forced motherhood is an infringement on free expression

alt informationAs various countries around the world seek to make abortion illegal or hard to get, Orna Herr highlights the free expression implications

#IndexAwards2018: Fereshteh Forough opens first Afghanistan coding school for girls

alt informationThe founder and executive director of Code to Inspire, Fereshteh Forough, addresses the low levels of female education by founding the the first coding school in Afghanistan for girls.

#IndexAwards2018: Open Stadiums challenges Iran’s restrictions on women

alt informationThese anonymous women are fighting against the restrictions on Iranian women's use of public spaces, including stadiums.

‘Giving women a voice may be our most significant achievement’

Mumsnet co-founder Justine Roberts explains the site's commitment to giving women access to free speech

Why free speech is a feminist issue

alt informationOn International Women's Day, Meredith Tax says censorship is too often overlooked in discussions on gender equality

Dictatorship: it’s a man’s game

Lukashenko's Belarus is a perfect example of the machismo and misogny at the heart of authoritarian regimes, says Maryna Koktysh

Jerusalem: Advertising firm refuses to run ads showing women on buses

An advertising company in Jerusalem has refused to carry ads campaigning for women’s equality on their buses. Cnaan Advertising, the company responsible for adverts on buses rejected the advert campaign as they believe the buses will be vandalised by orthodox extremists . Cnaan Advertising demanded a financial guarantee of almost £8,500 from Yerushalmim, the movement responsible […]

Iran: World’s youngest blogger to be put on trial

An 18-year-old blogger and women’s rights activist arrested last September, has been now put on trial. Navid Mohebbi is charged with acting against national security, insulting the supreme leader, making propaganda against the state and supporting the One Million Signatures women’s rights campaign.“He hasn’t been convicted yet, but I fully expect a lengthy jail sentence. […]

Widows: Life after death

alt informationIn this issue, Index on Censorship magazine invokes the silent world of widows, who are the unreckoned detritus of war from Bosnia to Afghanistan.